470 households displaced as floods wreak havoc in Garissa

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On Tue, 16 Apr, 2024 17:01 | 2 mins read
A graphic representation of affected households. PHOTOs/KRS(@KenyaRedCross)/X
A graphic representation of affected households. PHOTOs/@KenyaRedCross/X

Several households have been displaced following heavy rains wreaking havoc in most parts of Garissa.

The Kenya Red Cross says the affected families are seeking refuge at the Farmer Training Center (FTC) and Water Ground areas.

"The Kenya Red Cross utilizes satellite imagery to monitor the impacts of floods across different areas. Check out this map highlighting estimated displaced households in Garissa, now seeking refuge at the Farmer Training Center (FTC) and Water Ground areas. On-ground assessments are ongoing to verify the number of households affected," the humanitarian agency stated.

The humanitarian agency has noted that an estimated 470 households have been displaced.

"As a result of the MAM (March-April-May) 2024 rainfalls, riverine floods have been experienced in Garissa County. This has led to around 470 households being displaced and moved to shelter camps," the Red Cross added.

Heavy rains to persist

In an advisory, the Kenya Meteorological Department on Monday, April 15 said rainfall is expected to persist across several regions, with heavy downpours anticipated in the Central Highlands, Western Kenya, Rift Valley, South-eastern lowlands, Coast, and North-eastern Kenya.

The weatherman also predicted high daytime temperatures to hit the Coast, North-eastern and North-western Kenya.

"High daytime temperatures exceeding 30°C are anticipated in Coast, North-eastern, and North-western Kenya," the weatherman said

Additionally, moderate night-time temperatures ranging between 10°C and 20°C have been forecasted for the Central Highlands and Western Kenya.

Floods safety tips

In light of the heavy rains in most parts of the country, the E-Plus Ambulances issued flood safety tips to the public, urging residents to take precautionary measures during this rainy season.

These include immediate evacuation to elevated areas in the event of flooding, avoiding walking or driving through floodwaters, and exercising caution near streams and rivers.

The ambulance service owned by the Kenya Red Cross emphasized the danger posed by even minimal amounts of moving water noting that just six inches can knock a person down, while a foot can sweep away a vehicle.

Furthermore, the advisory highlighted the importance of switching off electricity at the main switch if a house is flooded, refraining from parking or engaging in activities near water bodies during heavy rainfall, and avoiding areas where power lines may have fallen.

The public was also urged to stay informed by listening to designated radio or TV stations for updates on the weather conditions and flooded areas.

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