Governor aspirant feuding clan elders for refusing to bless him

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 2 Nov, 2021 11:55 | < 1 min read
Sultan Najib Ugas Ahmed Liban. PHOTO/COURTESY

A gubernatorial aspirant from Wajir county has picked an issue with his clan elders after declining to give him their blessing to compete for the country's top seat come 2022.

The elders are said to have promised to bless Ugas Sheikh Mohammed only to change their mind a day after, something that did not sit well with the politician.

While expressing his disappointment with the elders, Mohammed vowed to proceed with his quest to lead Wajir County with the elders' blessings.

He accused the Sultanate of turning their back on him despite agreeing to step down in the 2017 elections in favour of former Governor Mohammed Abdi.

The Sultanate - a group of 14 elders drown from major clans in Wajir - are said to have been monitoring three gubernatorial candidates in the last month. Those candidates included Sheikh Mohammed, Hassan Wahliye and Hassan Mohammed.

Following the assessment, the elders settled on Wahliye as the right candidate to vie to challenge Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar in the gubernatorial come 2022.

Sheikh Mohammed has, however, protested the elders' decision to endorse Wahliye claiming that their decision was compromised.

"The Fai Sultanate process that culminated in yesterday’s sham verdict lacked integrity from the beginning. In the past few days, I was credibly aware of that money," he said.

Adding: "The criteria used to pick the candidate is unknown. This corrupt and illegitimate process cannot yield legitimate outcomes that are of value to the Wajir people. In the circumstance, and view of the foregoing grievances and after extensively consulting with my supporters, I made a firm decision to proceed with my campaigns to capture the seat of the governor of Wajir County in the forthcoming 2022 General Elections."