Gatundu: W***n found dead along Kar*menu River

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On Fri, 29 Mar, 2024 18:04 | 2 mins read
Gatundu: Villagers mill around a police vehicle that moved the body to General Kago mortuary in Thika. PHOTO/Mathew Ndung'u
Villagers mill around the police vehicle that moved the body to General Kago mortuary in Thika. PHOTO/Mathew Ndung'u

Shock has gripped Ndekei, Kariua and Kiriko villages in Gatundu North, Kiambu County after a middle-aged woman was found dead inside the Karimenu River.

Villagers told journalists that besides the river, a section of the unidentified woman’s clothes including a pullover, skirt, blouse and different forms of drugs were found, which signalled that the woman may have been troubled in life.

According to Beth Mugure, a local who had gone to harvest Napier grass for her dairy animals, she saw clothes near the river, an unusual thing that shifted her attention.

The woman, she said, had only her undergarments and a blouse while her other clothes were lying beside the river.

She screamed after nearing the place where the clothes had been kept as the woman was a few meters into the river.

After several minutes, villagers milled around the area before they informed the authorities who facilitated the recovery of the body from the river.

“It is sad that the woman had to die. She left some medication besides the river which indicates she has suffered enough but death cannot be a solution. We are perturbed but she is gone,” Muruge said.

While it is not yet clear whether the woman was thrown into the river or she did throw herself, locals agonized over the sudden death of the adult female saying it would have been prevented.

They called on suffering women to seek alternative help from churches, fellow women or chiefs to avert such incidences from occurring again.

According to the villagers, many people are going through numerous sufferings and have been struggling to find solutions, a move that should be embraced by all Kenyans saying that death cannot solve their woes.

Gatundu authorities

Peter Mbuthia Kihara, the Kariua sub-location assistant chief confirmed the incident saying that the woman was found floating.

He revealed that her body was recovered and the scene processed by investigators before it was later moved to General Kago mortuary in Thika town awaiting a postmortem exercise.

“We have moved the body to General Kago morgue in Thika. I urge women to seek alternative solutions to their challenges. Let the troubled go to church, talk to their fellow women or come to authorities for help,” Kihara said.

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