Court drama as cop demands to be addressed in English

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On Sun, 8 May, 2022 18:38 | < 1 min read
A police officer has been arraigned in court for robbery.
Court Gavel. PHOTO/Internet

A police officer, who was being cross-examined in a terrorism matter challenged a senior counsel to address him in English since he was not well versed in the Swahili language.

Police constable Jackson Katana, who appeared before Mombasa Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Adet, informed Senior Counsel Chacha Mwita that he should address him in English since he barely understood Swahili and was unable to comprehend what he was asking in Swahili.

Katana, who was being cross-examined on his sworn affidavit regarding three suspected terrorists, was seeking more time to detain them to enable detectives complete investigations.

"You know l cannot understand whatever it is you are asking. It's my kind request that you address me in English since I'm not well versed with Swahili," he said.

Lawyer answers the cop in English

Mwita, in a quick rejoinder, apologized to the police officer for addressing him in a language he was unable to understand.

"I'm sorry. l thought that since your name indicates you are from here or around the coast, you were in a position to understand and speak well in Swahili," Mwita told the police officer.

In the matter, three Somalia nationals namely Osman Mohammed Hassan, Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan, and Hussein Ibrahim are being investigated in relation to being in possession of articles connected to terrorist acts and being members of Al-Shaabab.

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