Businessman fined for speeding off without paying after fueling car at petrol station

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 26 Oct, 2021 22:07 | < 1 min read
Evans Kwoko Mwendwa fined for stealing fuel at Ola petrol station. PHOTO/LILIAN SOI

A businessman has been sentenced to three months in prison for siphoning petrol fuel from a station and later speeding off without paying on October 11.

According to court documents, Evans Kwoko Mwendwa checked into the Kilimani Ola petrol station in Yaya centre and fueled his vehicle before asking for a till number but did not pay.

The station attendant then informed him that the money transfer was not successful but he ignited his car and left soon after.

The station's manager reported the matter to authorities- after reviewing the CCTV footage where he was able to identify the number plate.

The matter was reported to police who also visited the scene, reviewed the CCTV footage that captured Mwendwa pretending to be paying the bill after receiving fuel before escaping.

Kwoko’s vehicle was circulated before he was nabbed over the matter.

In court, Kwako admitted the charge before resident Magistrate Tulei and asked for leniency stating that he is taking care of a young family.

He was then given an alternative of paying Ksh10, 000 as a fine after pleading guilty to stealing the fuel worth Ksh5000.

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