Beba mzigo wako – father of child serial killer Masten Wanjala speaks

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 15 Jul, 2021 22:16 | 2 mins read
Man admits to kidnapping and killing at least 12 cgildren: PHOTO: DCI

Robert Wanjala has confirmed that indeed Masten Milimo Wanjala, 20, who was arrested by police for the murder and abduction of 12 minors is his biological son.

In a Thursday, July 15 interview with a local TV station, Wanjala who said he first interacted with Milimo when he was in his teenage years revealed that news of his son’s arrest and hand in the chilling murders comes as a shock to him.

However, Wanjala was quick to point fingers at his son’s mother accusing her of not raising Milimo well after their separation.

“When his mother and I went separate ways, Masten was not yet born. His mother was pregnant with him and she went to Ukambani where she later got married,” Wanjala said while speaking in Kabuchai, Bungoma County.

“She lived in Ukambani for many years and brought the child home after he was circumcised,” Milimo said.

Wanjala further claimed that when his son was brought home in Kabuchai, he was in his teenage years and his mother had no prove to show that the boy had previously been enrolled in school.

“I asked for a report card but I got none. I even asked for a transfer letter from the school he was studying but still his mother had nothing to show that she took the boy to school,” Wanjala claimed.

He says that he later enrolled Masten at St Augustine Namakhele Primary School in class six only for the 20-year old to skip class and drop out of school.

“I did my best to give him a good life by enrolling him in school but he refused to study and run away. I have no problem with Masten all I can say is that he carries his own cross,” Wanjala said.

Residents of Kabuchai who interacted with Masten paint a picture of a pleasant and soft young man incapable of committing such atrocities.

“We have played with him and even went to watch late night football matches with Masten and he never showed any signs of violence,” a neighbour said.

Masten, a former remandee at the Kabete Approved School, yesterday confessed to the killings and gave chilling details of how he abducted two of his latest victims before executing them in cold blood, and even led detectives to the scene where the decomposing bodies were found.

The bodies of Charles Opindo Bala, 13, and Junior Mutuku Musyoki, 12, who disappeared on June 30 and July 7, 2021, respectively, were on Tuesday found dumped in a thicket near Kabete Approved School.

On Wednesday, July 14, Wanjala led detectives to another thicket near the same institution, where they discovered a third body.

The naked body of a male child was found in a manhole. Dressed in a sky blue T-shirt, navy blue pair of khaki trousers and black plastic sandals, Wanjala remained composed as he guided police to the spots where he had dumped bodies of his victims.

Niliuwa mtoto wa kwanza huko kwetu nyumbani halafu wakanipea dawa, hiyo ndio inanifanya niuwe (I killed the first child back in the village and then I was forced to take some concoction, that is what drives me to kill),” he muttered when asked about the motive behind his heinous acts.