vivo V25 5G with a colour-changing design set to launch in Kenya this month

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On Mon, 3 Oct, 2022 14:03 | < 1 min read

vivo Smartphone is gearing to launch the vivo V25 5G in Kenya this month. The device is anticipated to showcase a color-changing design as well as exceptional photography features for users who express themselves through photos and videos.

The new vivo V25 5G will follow the V series' heritage of capturing exquisite moments with its superior camera capabilities and cutting-edge imaging technology.

The flagship device will come with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing camera on the back which minimizes blurry shots and supports a longer exposure time, creating clearer and brighter images and videos even in dim lighting conditions.

On design, it will come with a thin 2.5D body that is 7.79mm which makes the device a comfortable fit in the hands of users. To ensure the phone stands out it will also come with an eye-catching design, the Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass which changes its hue when exposed to UV light, reflecting the dynamic personalities of users. This will spark creativity and fun. The Aquamarine Blue edition of V25 5G switches from ocean blue to bluish green.

Below its beautiful appearance, it will also come with a powerful processor with a high energy-efficiency ratio and great capacity. Coupled with the newest cooling technology and fast charging capabilities, it offers a long-lasting and smooth mobile experience in various scenarios allowing vivo to continue its track record of delivering a decoration experience, fast app incipiency, and installation pets, plus binary-mode 5G buttress.

‘At vivo, we strive to produce the ultimate mobile experience combining invention, slice-edge capabilities, and style for people who seek daring new ways to express their individuality. The V25 5G seeks to deliver exceptional camera capabilities in colorful aspects for stunning quality selfies and portrayal shots, while wrapped in a feather-light.’ said. James Irungu, Brand and Communications Manager.

The device will be decked out in two colors, Aquamarine Blue and Diamond Black.

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