Kenyan adventurer drives from Nairobi to Portugal in 6 months

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On Sun, 2 Jul, 2023 22:42 | 2 mins read
Kim Masau, Kenyan explorer who embarked on a 6 months road trip from Kenya to Portugal. PHOTO/Kevin Masau(@alphalandrover)Twitter
Kim Masau, Kenyan explorer who embarked on a 6 months road trip from Kenya to Portugal. PHOTO/Kevin Masau(@alphalandrover)Twitter

Kenyan adventurer Kim Musau has accomplished an extraordinary feat by embarking on a six-month journey from Nairobi to Portugal.

Driving his Land Rover, Musau traversed multiple countries, encountering diverse landscapes and cultures along the way. His remarkable adventure caught the attention of Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo, who shared the news of their encounter on social media.

Starting his expedition, Musau departed Nairobi and drove through Namibia before following the captivating coastal line leading to Morocco. From there, he was ferried to Spain and continued his road trip, finally reaching Portugal.

Madowo expressed awe at Musau's incredible journey, highlighting the unique experience and asking his followers if they were not envious.

"Ran into a Kenyan car in Portugal! Kim Musau -Alpha Land Rover has been on the road for 6 months. He left Nairobi and drove down to Namibia, then along the coastline to Morocco, ferry to Spain and now he’s here. Are you not jealous?" Madowo said in a statement.

Musau, who is passionate about storytelling and promoting Africa, sees his expedition as an opportunity to share African narratives and proudly fly the Kenyan flag. He aims to connect with potential partners who can support his cause and collaborate on various projects.

Expressing his joy upon reaching Portugal, Musau celebrated the milestone and reaffirmed his commitment to telling African stories. He invited support, collaborations, and partnerships from individuals and organizations interested in his mission.

"We made it !! Flying the flag. Overlanding expedition through Africa, telling African stories. Alpha Landrover and I crossed into Europe, we shall see how this goes. Support/collabo/Partnerships all welcome," Musau posted.

The Kenyan man has travelled far and wide

Notably, this is not Musau's first long-distance road trip. In 2016, he successfully drove from Nairobi to Cape Town, and in 2019, he undertook a journey from Nairobi to Cairo.

Kim Masau's adventure around the world. PHOTO/Kim Masau(@alphalandrover)Twitter
Kim Masau's adventure around the world. PHOTO/Kim Masau(@alphalandrover)Twitter

Beyond his impressive travel accomplishments, Kim Musau is the CEO of the Machakos Investment Promotion Board in the Machakos County Government.

He has been instrumental in establishing the county's investment promotion centre and oversees its strategic planning, governance, and operations.

Additionally, he played a key role in developing the Machakos County Government Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for development and investment.

With an extensive background in the private sector, particularly in the telecommunications and ICT industry, Musau held various managerial positions before joining the government. He worked at Liquid Telecom (formerly Kenya Data Networks) and contributed to the implementation of undersea fibre cables in Kenya.

Musau is currently a PhD candidate in Global Business & International Trade at the University of Nairobi. He holds an MBA degree in Finance, with a specialization in Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Economic Growth, as well as a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Nairobi. His research interests primarily focus on Africa's integration, intra-African trade, and investments.

Having been a student leader during his time at the University of Nairobi, Musau has a deep-rooted passion for leadership and good governance.