Dominating your partner breaks a relationship

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On Tue, 9 Apr, 2024 08:00 | 2 mins read
Couple having a disagreement. PHOTO/Pexels
Couple having a disagreement. PHOTO/Pexels

We live in a society where many people think that their problems arise as a result of people. They, therefore, put a spirited fight against each other with the erroneous belief that their problems will end as a result.

Well, those problems keep mutating and they present themselves in more complex ways than ever before. One amazing attribute of human beings is their propensity towards peace and love. Another amazing property of the human race is their rebellion against domination and intimidation.

Those who intimidate others to dominate them always think that they will ultimately get the much-needed submission and undivided loyalty. Nothing could be further from the truth and reality.

The more a human being tries to control another, the less control they get. Controlling people to get them to obey or to be loyal, therefore, is a wrong approach to solving problems in society. In short, we’re designed to be loved and accepted. We are designed to be free. This freedom includes the choice of whoever we desire to lead us.

Getting into marriage is a voluntary choice based on freedom. One chooses who their leader is going to be based on the kindness they have portrayed during courtship. Nothing draws people as much as love, care, kindness and understanding. All marriage relationships started with freedom based on goodness and kindness. Presented with these positive attributes, one is left with no choice, but to freely decide to join the lover and the dispenser of kindness.

To turn around and start dominating the one you got out of freedom and to try to control and intimidate a person you attracted to yourself through goodness and positivity is madness. It’s madness because many people employ this method thinking that they will in turn reap love.

Mad people do the same old wrong thing expecting a new right result. Relationships break because of the constraints people find themselves in. They feel cheated because the lover turns into a bully. The lover turns into a beast that scares and abuses the one they once so dearly cared for.

We’re wired to dominate things and not people. Dominate the earth and all its fullness. Dominating people has never worked and will never work. Dominate your businesses and farms. Dominate your paper work and your animals. Animals are tamed through domination. That’s how farmers treat oxen.

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