Woman receives 1,020 condoms by mistake

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On Mon, 18 Sep, 2023 06:00 | < 1 min read
Condoms. PHOTO/Print
Condoms. PHOTO/Print

An Ontario woman was shocked when a box containing 1,020 condoms arrived at her home, despite never placing an order for them. What made matters worse was that she was charged almost $500 for the unexpected delivery.

Joelle Angleheart, a resident of Chapleau, received an email notification from Amazon about a package on the way, but dismissed it as a scam since neither she nor her husband had purchased any condoms. “We automatically assumed the email was a scam because it was not something we would purchase,” Angleheart explained.

Interestingly, the box arrived while her husband was hospitalised, recovering from an illness.

“We received this box that contained 30 individual boxes of condoms, each containing 34 units, and we had no idea why they were sent to us,” Angleheart said.

“We really can’t understand what took place and why we received the package at our house.”

To add to the confusion, Angleheart discovered that her credit card had been charged $495 for the unrequested order. Cyber experts weighed in, stating that the delivery appeared to be part of a brushing scam.

In this scheme, Amazon sellers send packages to random addresses to boost their positive reviews artificially. Cindy Smith, of Prince William County, Va., received more than 100 Amazon packages she had never ordered at her home earlier this year.

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