Show up for your mother every single day

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On Mon, 20 May, 2024 06:00 | 2 mins read
Image used for representation. PHOTO/Pexels
Image used for representation. PHOTO/Pexels

I know that most of us pseudo-adults work for public holidays. Semeni ukweli please. I mean, we might thoroughly enjoy our work, but we all turn into little children at the mention of candy, sorry, ehhm, public holiday. Now imagine working with the incredible promise of no rest. Absolutely none, not even weekends. No matter the payment you get, be it in rent-currency or validation, you would probably not work. Sasa imagine that is the job your mother signed up for, and yet you only call her when you need a favour.

The enormity of motherhood only comes into clear focus when you babysit over the weekend or simply become a mother yourself. How having to worry about yourself and someone else can utterly consume your being. How you can be consumed by guilt for something you did not do, like your child bumping onto a table while you closed your eyes when sneezing.

How guilt will consume you for things you did, such as bumping your child on a motorised toy car when they were three and now they are tiny teens. I mean, how much more are our parents toting around as we gallivant around town and claim that our parents ruined us. I mean, I love how self-aware millennials and Gen-Z’s are. But what we have in spades in self-awareness we make up for in our scarcity of an external locus of focus. Like we are childishly self-centred to the exclusion of how we affect the spheres around us. But here I am again proving my point by focusing on us instead of our long-suffering mothers.

Shaken, stirred together, overflowing, give back to her all the love she gave to you and still does. Don’t just focus on what you did not get. Focus on her. She who will care for you from your first breath to her last. She who will go to war for you without worrying about her security. She whose vote you will always have no matter what.

She who still carries you in her even after you left her womb so many moons ago. She who will do all manner of good for you. She who will also discipline you with her own brand of punishments. She who you see as ageless, infinite, divine. She who time unfortunately shows you that though her love is in fact ageless and infinite, but she might not be.

I hope you showed up for her on Mother’s Day, and every day. Heck, the whole year should actually be her year. I mean, she deserves more than the occasional Mother’s Day odes and flowers. She deserves a watered garden every day. She deserves love. Every. Single. Day. Love without breaks for the one who loves without breaks. Go on now. Go increase how you pay your tireless employee of the year. Occasional hugs and calls won’t do. Do better.

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