Vera Sidika rents whole theatre in the US to watch movie alone

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On Thu, 29 Feb, 2024 11:17 | 2 mins read
Vera Sidika watching a movie alone in the theatre. PHOTOS/Instagram (@queenveebosset)

Vera Sidika couldn't keep calm after she locked out other movie fanatics to watch her favourite film alone in a theatre.

The Kenyan socialite, who is currently living large in the US, bragged about renting a whole theatre in Seattle, Washington State, to watch a movie alone.

"Rented the whole theater for a Movie night like a Boss. No distractions …on DND 🎥🍿😌," Vera Sidika said.

Vera Sidika watching a movie alone in the theatre. PHOTO/Instagram (@queenveebosset)

Theatre rental in Seattle

According to Pacific Place, which rents out AMC Theatres in Seattle, clients can rent theatres to watch new movies for $249/Ksh36,354 or $99/14,454 for fan favourite films.

Minimum theatre rental time is 2 hours. The rentals are limited to 20 people.

"Host a Private Theatre Rental at AMC™! Make it a movie for one or a private party for up to 20 total guests in your own AMC Safe & Clean™ auditorium. It’s perfect for an everyday escape or a celebration to remember! Choose from our selection of new movies, starting at $249+tax, or fan faves films for just $99+tax, and earn AMC Stubs® points on your Private Theatre Rental!" Information on Pacific Place reads.

Another theatre-renting provider in Seattle, The Grand Illusion Cinema, which touts itself as the city's oldest continuously running movie theatre, charges $60/Ksh8,760 an hour for members or non-profit organizations and $100/Ksh14,600 for other commercial use.

"Host an event here! The Grand Illusion Cinema is an excellent and affordable venue for screening your own film, private events, birthday parties, discussion groups, business meetings, etc.

"The Grand Illusion Cinema is generally available daytime Monday through Friday. Weekend availability depends on our regular film schedule, but most afternoons are available. Rentals scheduled in advance of film bookings can take precedence on weekdays only.

"Billing is for the total time the space is needed including setup, arrivals, and departures of your group. Please plan to include an additional 30 minutes to your rental in addition to your film’s total running time. You will pay via credit/debit in advance of the rental," The Grand Illusion Cinema says on its website.

Rentals are limited to 25 people while the minimum rental time is 2 hours.

Vera in the US

Vera returned to the US in February 2024 after spending quality time there in August 2023 when her marriage to Brown Mauzo hit rock bottom.

Mauzo announced the end of his marriage to Vera Sidika on August 30, 2023. The socialite was already on her way to the US by the time her baby daddy was making their breakup public.

While in the US last year, Vera Sidika found a new lover Gideon Brown.

The socialite silently parted ways with Gideon Brown after a very short stint.

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