Uhuru flew us in private jet from Kisumu to Nanyuki – Bien

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Uhuru flew us in private jet from Kisumu to Nanyuki - Bien
Uhuru Kenyatta and Sauti Sol. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien opened up about flying private jets a couple of times while comparing the band's experience with high flier Diamond Platnumz.

"The other day Diamond Platnumz was seen in a private jet but we have never seen Sauti Sol boarding a private jet. Ame mumeshawai board na hamjawai tupostia?" Bien was asked during a presser with vloggers.

Bien revealed that the group once flew a private jet from Zambia to Rwanda.

"Ok ile siku mimi niliingia jet sikupost. Tushawai board jet by the way, Zambia mbaka Kigali. Tulikua na show wakatubukia jet," Bien said.

Bien also recalled how retired President Uhuru Kenyatta chartered a plane for Sauti Sol to fly from Kisumu to Nanyuki and back.

"Tushawai bukiwa jet na Uhunye siku moja kutoka Nanyuki. Lakini haikua jet ilikua plane. Kutoka Nanyuki mbaka Kisumu tukifanya ile nini ingine. Mimi hubook machoppers hapa na munanionanga nikipanda chopper kila saa. Ni vile mimi sipostingi hizo vitu, hazinidefine," Bien said.

The incident Bien was referring to was in 2016 when Sauti Sol had embarked on the Live and Die in Afrika Tour.

The quartet mostly used a customized Modern Coast bus to travel across Kenya to perform in different cities and towns during their music tour.

However, the music band flew to Nanyuki from Kisumu on a chartered plane before they flew back to the lakeside city to perform at Simba Club.

Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers shared the group’s fun moment aboard the chartered plane.

“From Kisumu straight to Nanyuki on a chattered plane. Then back to Kisumu tomorrow morning for the #liveanddieinafrikatour Kisumu Edition. God has been great to us. Team no sleep. Like literally," he posted.

Diamond Platnumz

Bien was asked about flying private after Diamond Platnumz caused a stir by flying an executive jet across America.

"Diamond amejaa, nimeiona. His net worth is his business ventures, you can count his streams, you can count different things men. And he is a hard-working guy of cause amejaa," Bien said.

Diamond and his Wasafi crew including manager Babu Tale flew a private jet from New York State to Detroit in Michigan State for the Afronation Festival.

Through his Instagram, Diamond uploaded a photo of the receipts showing the payment he made for the flight.

The receipts showed that the Wasafi boss paid $36,800/Ksh5.3 million just for the one-way trip from New York to Detroit without the flight taking them back.

Halafu sasa kuna ya kuibakisha ilale ili kesho ikurudishe tena,” Diamond bragged.

The Wasafi boss used the same private jet to travel from Detroit to Los Angeles in California.

“LA for couple days 🤞🏽,” Diamond captioned a video of him boarding the private jet.

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