Wamae asks gov’t to rethink youth employment after Tiktokers stormed Brian Chira’s funeral

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On Tue, 26 Mar, 2024 13:32 | 2 mins read
A collage of Brian Chira's funeral. PHOTOS/Facebook

Justina Wamae, who was George Wajackoyah's running mate in the 2022 presidential election, shared her two cents on youth employment or rather unemployment following the scenes at Brian Chira's funeral service.

The former Roots party presidential running mate was among many Kenyans who were stunned to see mammoth crowds at the Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Tuesday morning March 26, 2024.

Tiktokers and thousands of their fans stormed KU mortuary to view Chira's body before it was transported to Githunguri for internment.

Thousands turned up at KU mortuary to view Brian Chira's body. PHOTO/Facebook/Derrick Mbugua

Commenting on the colossal turn-up at Brian Chira's funeral on a weekday, Justina Wamae noted that Gen Z cannot be forced into the 8 am to 5 pm job setup that has been the norm with older generations.

She further stressed that it is imperative for the government to formulate policies and come up with legislation that will address the employment of the demographic cohort that mobs a funeral on a weekday in their thousands.

"I will not say much about Brian Chira only RIP, but I have point about the TikTok demographic attending his funeral. We shall not force an 8-5 job on this generation so policy thinkers and legislatures must think about policies and legislations on working from home, hot desking," Wamae wrote on TikTok.

Justina Wamae. PHOTO/Facebook/Justina Wamae

Chira's sendoff

Brian Chira has posthumously demonstrated the enormous influence he wielded upon the TikTok generation through the events that have succeeded his death.

Even though he struggled financially while he was alive, Chira's death has coalesced into a riveting tale thanks to how resources have been mobilized to accord him a decent sendoff.

TikTokers came together and raised over Ksh8 million in just days to cater for Chira's funeral arrangements.

Today fans defied early morning showers to gather at the Kenyatta University Funeral Home to bid Chira the final goodbye.

People started trickling in at the KU mortuary as early as 7 am even before the body was prepared for viewing.

An early morning downpour didn't dampen the spirits of those who wanted to view Chira's body before his internment in Githunguri.

By 9 am, the number of those showing up at the Kenyatta University Funeral Home to view Chira's body had swelled to thousands.

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