‘It wasn’t one night stand’ – Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany speaks about their relationship

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On Sat, 18 Nov, 2023 09:53 | 2 mins read
Tiffany Muikamba
A photo collage og Tiffany and her baby daddy Bensoul. PHOTOs/Tiffany &Bensoul(@tiffany_wanjiru & @bensoulmusic)/Instagram

Kenyan singer Bensoul's baby mama Tiffany Wanjiru now claims their strained relationship wasn't a one-night stand as it was revealed before.

During a 'Send Me Anonymous Messages' session on her Insta stories, the mother of one was forced to give insights into the dynamics of her relationship with Bensoul.

"Was it really a one-night stand?" A follower asked.

"Nah come on," she responded.

A screengrab of Tiffany's Insta stories. PHOTO/Screngrab by Ascah Mwango
A screengrab of Tiffany's Insta stories. PHOTO/Screngrab by Ascah Mwango

Fans questioned why Tiffany frequently shares moments with Bensoul while he seems less inclined to reciprocate.

"Well if he is part of a moment, why not? We are friends at the end of the day. And about him posting me, well, that doesn't even matter; we don't even follow each other," Tiffany expressed.

Tiffany emphasized that her intention is not to force their relationship into the public eye.

"Seriously, I barely post him. Na data nikimpost haina shida as long as he is not complaining," she asserted.

While many seem to think the mother of one seems to be way in on her head about her baby daddy, she sees nothing wrong with parents posing for a photo.

"Hamtaki wazazi wapigwe picha. Guys, seriously I barely post him. Na ata nikimpost haina shida as long as he is not complaining."

Asked about considering a relationship with the singer, Tiffany indicated that her current focus is on building a future for her daughter.

"More focused on making my future great so my daughter can enjoy the fruits of my labour," she revealed.

Tiffany also refuted the notion that Bensoul is a deadbeat dad.

Daughter's birthday

Bensoul and Tiffany recently came together to celebrate their daughter's first birthday.

In a post featuring the 'Favorite Song' hitmaker, the mother of one penned a heartfelt message to the one-year-old.

"Dear God thank you for my little bundle of joy. Seeing her turn one is a real joy. Thank you for taking care of us and always having our backs. Long live our little family," she wrote.

In a past Q&A session on her Instagram, Tiffany revealed that she never planned to get pregnant by Bensoul and never intended to come out in public.

She revealed that a close friend she had trusted chose to out her against her initial plans.

"My plan was never to end up in a relationship or get pregnant or chase clout or anything so I’m really happy for them and I mean it honestly. And all of this coming out was never my plan. I just decided to trust a very close friend who had been there for me at my worst with way more information than I should have."

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