Size 8 explains why she has been washing DJ Mo’s underwear for past 10 years

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On Wed, 3 Apr, 2024 15:42 | 2 mins read
DJ Mo and wife Size 8. PHOTO/Size 8(@size8reborn)/Instagram

Gospel singer-cum-paster Linet Munyali aka Size 8 has no qualms whatsoever about washing her husband DJ Mo's dirty underwear.

Size 8 proudly revealed she washes DJ Mo's boxer while speaking on the reality series ‘Love in the Wild’ which offers viewers a glimpse into the private lives of the celebrity couple.

The mother of two said that she has been washing her husband's dirty undergarments since the very day that they got married.

"I wash his boxers, from day one hajawai osha," Size 8 said.

"Yeah, I do wash my husband's boxers, since we got married he has never washed them," she reiterated.

Size 8 explained that washing her husband’s underwear reminds him of who he is – a husband to her and a father to their two children.

"It is just a physical way of reminding him who he is," she said.

The mother of two added that she does not seek to please her husband by washing his underwear but rather to boost his self-esteem.

"Me washing his boxers is not necessarily for him to see me as a humble wife but to boost his self-esteem," Size 8 said.

Size 8, DJ Mo's marriage

DJ Mo met Size 8 while he was still in the trenches but she was already an established secular musician.

The father of two hit on his wife at a time when he was still a struggling DJ living in Githurai.

"At the time you should see the type of men who were pursuing her, wanaume wazito. I used to live in Githurai 44 and sometimes I could not even afford to pay my rent," DJ Mo recalled during an interview with Obinna in 2023.

DJ Mo said Anto Neosoul played the matchmaker and helped him hit on Size 8.

"Tulikua Safaricom Live pamoja, [Size 8] alikua amesigniwa, it was around 2011, 2012, and I was with Antoneosoul, we were good friends, nikamsho vile nakuanga nimekufia uyu dem, Anto na yeye hawezi jiekea secret.

"Jamaa akaenda, akamsho ati unajua ule jamaa anakutaka,backstage,jamaa alikua apo alicheka adi miguu ikaunika, I'm telling ilikua abrupt, I'm broke," DJ Mo said.

Size 8 and DJ Mo started dating after Anto Neosoul hooked them up.

He quickly took the bold step of asking for her hand in marriage even though he was still struggling financially.

DJ Mo said he paid Ksh150,000 dowry for Size 8 after struggling to raise the amount.

"Before she announced officially that she had gotten saved, I went to her home. I had 150k for her dowry and I had struggled to raise that," he confessed.

DJ Mo and Size 8 ultimately tied the knot in a secretive and private ceremony at the Attorney General’s office on September 23, 2013.

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