Shiru wa GP painfully recounts losing child due to ‘doctor’s negligence’

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On Sat, 24 Sep, 2022 17:10 | 2 mins read
Gospel singer Shiru wa GP PHOTO/@shiruwagpofficial/Instagram

Kikuyu gospel singer Shiru wa GP has recalled her painful experience while trying to get a baby.

The singer also opened up on false accusations that she faced after losing one of her twins, noting that people attacked her without facts.

Being childless

Speaking in a recent interview on YouTube, Shiru wa GP spoke on being childless in her marriage and how it affected her.

The singer said she was affected to the point that she dedicated a song to her bareness where she talked about how she tried countless times to conceive but she failed.

Fortunately, after trying for more than nine years, she was finally blessed with twins but one of them died.

"I got twins after nine years. Twins, One died and the hospital bill was too high I appealed for help from Kenyans,” Shiru wa GP said.

Shiru wa GP child loss

At the same time, the Kikuyu singer disclosed that she gave birth to a boy and girl prematurely at seven months.

She had given birth to a son and a daughter but her son unfortunately succumbed to tuberculosis while her daughter survived.

Shiru wa GP took issue with a negligent doctor at a hospital in Nairobi failed to do TB tests on her babies resulting to her son’s death.

She also recalled the moment that she was informed of her babies’ condition after being hospitalized.

“You cannot call them babies because they might not survive. They were in ICU and I became very bitter with God. I asked God if this was my blessing that I had waited for nine years, 'Why have you done that to me?',” the singer recalled.

She, however, noted that the little one who survived is doing well.

"My child who remained is well, beautiful and thriving. After losing one of the twins, I adopted another coz I unsuccessfully tried again. So I decided to adopt and asked God for three two girls and a boy,” Shiru wa GP added.

Shiru wa GP
Shiru wa GP PHOTO/@shiruwagpofficial/Instagram

Shiru wa GP husband's illegitimate child

In an interview on Kameme FM, the singer said her husband impregnated a church girl after they tried to conceive for nine years in vain.

At the time, Shiru wa GP had blown up with her gospel music career and had become a household name in the gospel industry but she says she still did not feel complete since she did not have a child.

"The pressure led my husband to impregnate our church mate. When the said girl was five months pregnant, I conceived with twins and I was so excited," she noted.

The celebrated artist says she has since embraced the child and her family is still intact.

Singer Shiru wa GP PHOTO/@shiruwagpofficial/Instagram

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