‘Don’t tell your fans to help you fundraise’ – Shakilla vows to sue Vincent Mboya

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On Mon, 25 Mar, 2024 12:21 | 3 mins read
Vincent Mboya and Shakilla. PHOTOS/Instagram (@mboya_vincent, @i.am_shakilla)

Shakilla jetted into the country from South Africa and immediately got embroiled in an ugly altercation with content creator Vincent Mboya.

The Kenyan socialite, who had living in South Africa for months, returned home after breaking up with her Mzansi boyfriend.

Shakila invited prospective men to shoot their shots noting that she didn't intend to stay single for long.

"Public announcement!!! I'm single, let no one claim that I'm theirs please. Dms are opens," Shakilla wrote on her InstaStories.

"No time for healing. Take the next flight and go be with a man who deserves you," the socialite added.

Vincent Mboya took advantage of Shakilla's open invitation to men to seduce her and he went on to vibe her.

"Dear Shakila I see you are single guess who's single too? Am young rich and famous. Kindly lemme know where you at I come for you ASAP. Am currently flying out of Canada for some business meetings but I can passby where you at when am done, I spoil you sakamoniously!" Reads part of Vincent Mboya's message to Shakilla.

Vincent Mboya additionally went HAM on Shakilla in another part of his message which we can't share.

The Canada-based content creator errored by default or by design as he likened Shakilla to a street food and made fun of her body count claiming it was a triple figure.

Mboya sarcastically said he missed street food and wanted Shakilla because she has a wealth of experience due to her body count.

Shakilla reacts

Shakilla quickly reacted to Vincent Mboya's jibe vowing to slap him with a lawsuit.

"When that defamation lawsuit hits you, don't tell your fans to held you fundraise your s**," Shakilla warned Mboya.

Shakilla additionally stated that she wanted to teach Mboya a lesson so that it could be a deterrent to others who want to use her name for clout chasing mileage.

"Mboya will be an example to the rest. You can't be putting stanking mouth in everyone's business to revive your dead career," she added.

Vincent Mboya was however not cowed by Shakilla's threat of a lawsuit, vowing to continue shooting Cupid's arrows until one of them strikes his dream woman.

"Am single again. I will never stop trying my luck with single ladies till the day I will find my perfect match. Aluta continua," Mboya wrote.

Shakilla's body count

Shakilla has previously talked about her body count without any shame or fear of stigma.

Speaking during an interview with Kenyan vloggers in August 2023, the controversial socialite said she was not able to count the number of men she had downed.

Shakilla noted that she could even run mad if she started counting the number of men who had munched her cookie.

"I don't know my body count, if I start counting, I will honestly run mad, but I don't remember honestly," Shakilla said.

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