Shakilla announces breakup with South African based boyfriend

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On Sun, 24 Mar, 2024 16:43 | 2 mins read
Kenyan socialite Shakila. PHOTO/Shakilla(@iam.shakilla)/Instagram
Kenyan socialite Shakil/a. PHOTO/Shakilla(@iam.shakilla)/Instagram

Kenyan socialite Shakilla has announced her split from her South African boyfriend.

Taking to her Insta stories, Shakilla declared herself single noting her desire not to be linked with any man.

"I'm single let no one claim that I'm theirs please," she wrote.


"No time for healing, take the next flight and go be with the man who deserves you."

In response to Shakilla's announcement, YouTuber Vincent Mboya publicly expressed his romantic interest in her.

"Dear Shakila I see you single guess who's single too —? Am young rich and famous. Kindly lemme know where you at I come for you ASAP. Am currently flying out of Canada for some business meetings but I can pass by where you at when am done, I spoil you sakamoniously! It's been a while since I ate Street food and I don't mind going back," Mboya wrote.

More men she can count

In an interview in August 2023, Shakilla revealed that she had been with a lot of men that she couldn't count.

The self-proclaimed 'Queen of the Streets' unabashedly explained that she would run mad if she ever started to count the number of sexual partners she had.

"I don't know my body count, if I start counting, I will honestly run mad, but I don't remember honestly," she revealed.

When quizzed about her activities in 2023 alone, she chuckled and confessed to not remembering the exact number, stating that it was "a lot."

Strangely, she then countered her previous statement by revealing that she hadn't been sexually active this year and speculated that her body count might be below 150.

The socialite also revealed that she was hurt when she found out that Eric Omondi had sired a baby with another woman noting that it would have been her.

Shakilla doesn't date Kenyan men

Shakilla also claimed to have never dated a Kenyan man due to their purported stinginess and their 'inadequacy' in bed.

"A Kenyan man can never give you money. They would rather pay for something. They also don't look good," she asserted.

She compared their performance to Nigerian men, alleging that Kenyan men are not 'good' in bed.

"Kenyan guys don't last in bed. They take minutes while I am talking about hours for Nigerian men."

Shakilla's remarks sparked outrage across Kenya, with netizens expressing their displeasure over her statements.

Responding to the backlash after remarks, the socialite defended herself saying that she had a right to have preferences.

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