‘I raise all my kids equally’ – Samidoh speaks about parenting

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On Wed, 3 Apr, 2024 13:14 | 2 mins read
Kenyan Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki. PHOTO/Samidoh(@samidoh_muchoki)/Instagram
Kenyan Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki. PHOTO/Samidoh(@samidoh_muchoki)/Instagram

Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh is confident in his role as a devoted father of five.

Speaking to a local blog, Samidoh expressed pride in his paternal responsibilities noting that he has never allowed any of his children to lack anything.

The singer has children with nominated senator Karen Nyamu and his wife Edday Nderitu.

"Si unaona wako sawa? Ubaya ni mtoto akose chakula ama...my responsibility is to raise my kids. Na nawa raise wote, sawa? Yeah equally why not?" he said.

"I may not be many things but I'm a good father. I'm there for my children always. I'm always there for them. When it comes to time, when it comes to financial support, I'm always there for them, all of them," he affirmed.

The singer who quickly rose to fame from being a police officer to a celebrated Mugithi artiste also talked about the challenges of being in the limelight.

"There is a cost to everything. Wakati nili kuwa nachunga ngombe Ol Jorook, kitu haingenipata, because I was a nobody. But now when I became famous hii negativity kidogo lazima ujue kubalance," he admitted.


"The problem is you guys you blow things out of proportion you misquote someone, put things here and there."

Samidoh said he is determined to shield his children from the negativity surrounding him.

"So me kazi yangu ni kukaa chini na watoto wangu niwaambie life yako ikiwa hivi kuna mtu atachukuwa kitu aweke na wewe mweneywe haukusema," he said.

Nyamu desires baby with Samidoh

Recently, Karen Nyamu made it known that she's not finished expanding her family with the singer.

Despite already having three children, two with Samidoh and one with DJ Saint Kevinz, Karen expressed her openness to having more children with Samidoh in response to criticism about her relationship with him.

On Facebook, a user named Syljayee Jumah questioned why Karen, who is attractive, couldn't find her husband instead of getting involved with someone else. They also wondered how she found the courage to have children with a married man not just once, but twice.

Karen swiftly responded to Syljayee's comments, dismissing their concerns and pointing out that they seemed surprised she only had two children with Samidoh, implying she was not done yet.

"Syljayee Jumah Ati 2 kids ni kama nimemaliza kuzaa na yeye," Karen Nyamu responded.

The relationship between Samidoh and Karen has been a subject of speculation, as Samidoh is married to Edday Nderitu.

They reportedly began dating discreetly after meeting at a political event in late 2019.