Mwende Frey who twerks for clients at her barbershop admits KOT helped her business grow

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On Sat, 26 Nov, 2022 13:50 | 2 mins read
Mwende Frey who twerks for clients at her barbershop admits KOT helped her business grow
Mwende Frey at her barbershop. PHOTO/Mwende Frey (@mwendefrey)/Twitter.

Mwenye Frey, the proprietor of the controversial 'Man’s chamber barbers and spa' where male customers are entertained with provocative twerking while being shaved, has praised Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) for the success of her business.

Mwende, who recently turned 27, took to Twitter to thank KOT for the support they gave her when she launched a business no other entrepreneur in Kenya was doing.

The 27-year-old said she had been written off as a loser but thanks to KOT's support, she became famous and her controversial barbershop, which some still say is a brothel, also flourished.

"Am 27! They said i'd fail but good KOT supported me 😭. Anyway Yegon will tap this pa!pa!pa! kesho I'll be limping 🎉😂🎉🎉 Hbday Mwende," she tweeted.

Man’s chamber barbers 

Mwende Frey caused a stir in April 2022 when she advertised services offered at her barbershop aptly called 'Man’s chamber barbers and spa'.

A video of Mwende and her all-female staff twerking provocatively for male clients at her barbershop went viral on social media, earning her some notoriety in the mainstream media as well.

The 27-year-old single mother came under scathing attack, especially from women who accused her of thirst-trapping men by luring them to her barbershop using sexual appeal.

“When you say I’m sexualizing the business by twerking, what do you mean? Women twerk in clubs every day and they don’t get paid. I get paid to do this, so why not," Mwende Frey told a local TV station amid uproar from women.

I’m sexy, I’m fabulous, I’m confident in my body, I’m a beautiful woman, kwa nini tufiche…. It has worked for this business, men love seeing nice things, hakuna mtu anataka kwenda kunyolewa alafu ashikwe na mikono ngumu, here you meet soft hands, soft voices and beautiful girls,” she added.

Not a brothel

The young businesswoman further denied that Man’s chamber barbers and spa was a brothel only masquerading as a barbershop.

“This is not a brothel, it’s a grooming den for kings where they are served by African maidens. If you don’t want your man to come here, wash his feet when he comes home, give him a massage, make him look pretty otherwise he will come here. Actually, you should be thanking us for doing the work you’re not doing,” she stressed.

Mwende’s barbershop employs full-time twerk queens whose job is to dance suggestively to besotted male clients while they have their hair cut.

“I’ve got a lot of beautiful women here who twerk for our customers all day long, from morning to evening. It’s part of what we offer here and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that,” Mwende said.

Mwende's unconventional services at her barbershop earned her international attention. German state-owned international broadcaster DW interviewed her in May 2022.

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