Esther Musila reacts to claims she ruined her husband’s life

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On Wed, 27 Sep, 2023 17:18 | 2 mins read
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila. PHOTO/Instagram (esther.musila)

Esther Musila once again came under a scathing attack from critics who castigated her for marrying a younger man.

Musila, who is 53 years old, is married to 34-year-old gospel singer Peter Omwaka aka Guardian Angel.

The mother of three (two boys and a girl who are aged 24 and above) recently confronted trolls on TikTok who tried to age-shame her.

A troll told the quinquagenarian that she had ruined Guardian Angel's life and that she looked too old for her younger husband.

"You have totally ruined gardian you look too old for him," the troll said.

In a quick rejoinder, Musila recorded herself while laughing sarcastically at her critic.

"Please come help me laugh at this," Esther Musila said before she burst out laughing.

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Seen, heard it all

While celebrating her 53rd birthday on May 25, 2023, Musila said that at her age she had seen and heard it all, adding that she was grateful for having stood up for herself and lived by her rules.

"53 years today, Esther Jeanette Ngenyi Musila was born as the 1st born child and only daughter to my parents. I had a most humble upbringing which has shaped and contributed to the person I am today. I have been through life, seen and heard it all!

"One thing am grateful for is that, I have always stood up for myself and lived by my rules. I know what is good for Esther and that is what I give her, the best for her. I have never shied away from living my life and living it unapologetically! I thrive on positivity and good vibes because I am intentional in what I feed my mind, body and soul," her statement read in part.

The 53-year-old further stressed that she was very proud of her age, adding that she would embrace her days on earth living like it was her last.

"I carry my age with grace and honor because I know God has enabled me to be on his wake up list every single morning of my 53 years on this earth so I will keep embracing my days and living each day like it's my last.

"To my family and my true friends who are part of my life each and every day, I thank you for your love. To me Esther, keep winning, living, loving and laughing. You are simply the BEST! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME💞💞💞," she wrote.

Guardian Angel has equally on multiple occasions expressed his undying love for Esther Musila even as critics castigate their union.