‘Achana na walimu wa maths’ – Mumias East MP fires at Diana Marua

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On Wed, 11 Oct, 2023 17:58 | 2 mins read
Mumias East MP Peter Salasya and Diana Marua. PHOTOS/ Instagram (@diana_marua), Facebook (peter.eunice.509)

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has slammed Diana Marua over her controversial jibe at her former maths teachers.

Speaking in a video posted on his Facebook account, Salasia condemned Diana for showing off her wealth while belittling her former maths teachers.

"Nimeona video ingine imekua ikitrend ati anaonyesha bungalow ati mwalimu wa maths ulisema sijui nini nini. Let me tell you guys, for those people who are insulting, me I used to teach mathematics. Mimi English mimi sijui, Kizungu mimi sijui lakini hesabu I am number one. So I want to tell those people like kina Diana Marua showing the bungalows because that mwalimu wa maths aliwaambia hivi, muachane na walimu wa maths, they are the ones who have mentored you, you are there because of them," Salasya said.

The Mumias East MP further argued that Diana was richer than her teachers because they sacrificed for her.

Additionally, Salasya underscored that teachers are blessed and that someone in their lineage always becomes successful.

"By the way, teachers wa primary school na wale ata wa secondary teachers, you are richer than them just because they sacrificed more for the sake of you. That's why you find out in most cases their families are always blessed by the way. Any teacher, just do your research, ata kama ni generation yake atazaa watoto wasikue successful but kuna mmoja tu mwenye atapitia kwa hio familia na ainue hio familia. So let us not insult mwalimu wa maths, in fact, those people are blessed because they have their heart for you, they wanted the best out of you," Salasya argued.

The Mumias East MP stated that the likes of Diana Marua and others would make teachers stop being responsible in classes if their contempt for tutors is not checked.

"Wakina Marua and the others they will make our teachers not being responsible in classes. Muache hizo vitu. Walimu waheshimike. Wewe umeona mwalimu wako wa primary sasa wewe umeona ati uko mbali, respect that person he is your foundation. Ati mwalimu wa maths ulisema nini!" Salasya lamented.

This is my mansion

Diana Marua showed off her car collection and huge mansion as a way of getting back at her math teachers who told her she would not amount to anything.

Bahati's wife angrily lashed out at her math teachers while giving them a tour of her family mansion in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Childhood trauma is real, there is a video I am doing today na naskia nimekasirika kabisa. One of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Mwalimu wa maths nataka uniskize na ikufikie kabisa. You see this car, this is one of many cars that I have bought. Mwalimu wa maths, this is my mansion, you treated me like a nobody in school. You know what this teacher did to me in school,” Diana Marua ranted.

Diana further called her former math teachers by their names while bragging about how she is now an employer.

"Mr Kimamu, Mr Nzioka hii iwafikie nimewatch hii naskia niko hasira, I am an employer nimeemploy watu. Huyu mwalimu alifikiri nitalala maskini,” Diana yelled as she gave a tour of her mansion.

Mwalimu wa maths you told me I will not go far. Hapa ni wapi, kuja nikuonyeshe," she added.

Diana insisted that childhood trauma adversely affected her, advising teachers to appreciate the fact that students are gifted differently.