YouTuber Marwa gets clear photos that captured face of boda boda rider who robbed his girlfriend

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On Mon, 15 Apr, 2024 12:04 | 3 mins read
A snapshot from video that caught the broad daylight robbery. Inset: The thief's face. PHOTOS/Instagram (@iam_marwa)

YouTuber Fredrick Marwa is moving mountains to track down a boda boda rider who robbed his mzungu girlfriend Rocio Cabrera in broad daylight.

Marwa and his girlfriend were strolling in Nairobi's Upper Hill area on Sunday, April 14, 2024, when a boda boda rider appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her handbag before he sped off.

The daring robbery was caught on camera as the YouTuber was recording at the time of the incident.

The video shows Cabrera walking with the handbag on her shoulder before the rider appeared from a junction, grabbed the handbag and sped off.

Marwa was heard shouting for help but even the nearby passersby couldn't assist because the rider was too fast. He quickly vanished from the road as it was nearly deserted given that it was on a Sunday.

In a post on social media, The YouTuber revealed that his girlfriend's stolen handbag contained her national ID, GoPro 10 camera, iPhone 11 Pro, iPods, cash, wallet and bank cards.

"This Just Happened to us !!! kindly SHARE IT WADLEY to help us . Omg I luck words ; I personally fear to be in this City . Hope someone helps us identify this This Thief.

"This was this morning around 9:30 AM , Sunday the 14th / 04 / 2024 , we had just arrived in this city of Nairobi from our Village, So we felt being a Sunday it was nice to walk around the city of Nairobi for Sightseeing.

"Little did we know the person on this motorbike 🏍 was following us to commit this Crime we were shaken , the incident happened in the area the call " Upper Hill " Nairobi, right opposite a police station.

"It happen so fast, say 2 seconds.

"Rocio was carrying Her National ID, GO Pro 10 , Mobile Phone ; I Phone 11 Pro, Cash , I Pods , Wallet and Bank Cards," Marwa wrote.

Thief's identity

Marwa managed to catch the face of the thief who robbed his girlfriend by slowing down the video of the incident frame by frame.

He asked the online community for help in identifying the thief whose face is now clearly exposed.

The YouTuber further said the thief's last known location was in the Mathare slums before he switched off the phone that he stole from his girlfriend.

The phone was traced to Mau Mau Road in the sprawling ghetto before it went off.

"The phone location shows it is in an area called Mathere. We are asking for help if anyone knows this person. We will be in the City for the Next 48 hours and leave after," Marwa pleaded.

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