Esther Musila shares photos of her first meeting with Guardian Angel after Maina Kageni played matchmaker

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On Wed, 13 Mar, 2024 19:31 | 3 mins read
Guardian Angel, Esther Musila and Maina Kageni. PHOTO/Instagram (@esther.musila)

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel today March 13, 2024, celebrated four years since they met for the first time and initiated their love story.

In a statement on social media, the 53-year-old vividly recalled how Guardian Angel's song 'Rada' brought them together.

She also shared photos of their first meeting which was made possible by veteran radio presenter Maina Kageni.

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel when they met for the first time in March 2020. PHOTO/Instagram (@esther.musila)

"Today marks 4 years since we first met, courtesy of the song RADA. Our union would not have happened any other way. We had our plans, but God went ahead of us and HE has continued to guide us through our journey. The day we met, I could not have even imagined how much our friendship would mean to me, and this far, we have come. I am grateful to have you in my life.

"Happy Friendversary my husband Peter Audiphaxad Omwaka. I love you. ❤❤❤ Thanks for Coming. #lovewon," Esther Musila wrote.

Guardian Angel, Esther Musila and Maina Kageni. PHOTO/Instagram (@esther.musila)

Maina Kageni the matchmaker

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel narrated how they met and fell in love during an interview with Eve Mungai in June 2023.

The mother of three said she heard a song which she liked being played on the radio but she didn't know which musician sang it.

"I met Guardian because of a song that I heard. Because my wish the previous year when I was 49 I had asked God you know to just give me a new turn in my life, and one of the things I wanted was for him to just give me a purpose with my life.

"I've been there, and I've done that I felt there was something empty in my life that I needed to just accomplish. And hearing that song, it was just written for me because all the words in that song have everything that I wished for," she narrated.

Musila texted radio presenter Maina Kageni to get more details about the musician behind the song and she was informed that the particular track 'Rada' was Guardian Angel's work of art.

"And from the first time he [Maina] played that song, I caught a few words then I asked him who sang that song. So quickly he texted back and said, Guardian Angle," she said.

However, Musila couldn't get any information about Guardian Angel when she looked him up on Google and thought his manager wasn't doing him justice.

"I had never heard of Guardian Angle. Surprisingly I used to sing some of his songs that Maina plays but I had never heard of him," Esther Musila remarked.

The quinquagenarian added that she reached out to Guardian Angel through Maina Kageni intending to be his manager due to the lack of online visibility.

"So Maina played the song again, and when I got to the office I googled this artiste, and I am thinking who is his manager? I mean me being the person I am I know music so much but how come I don't know this guy? So I talked to Maina and we arranged a meeting. Guardian didn't even know coz he and Maina had their own deals," she recalled.

Adding that; "When I met him, it was for us to grow his music. We needed to come up with a plan for how he needs to be out there, that was the plan. But God has his own plans."

Guardian Angel mustered enough courage to shoot his shot at Esther Musila a fortnight after Maina Kageni facilitated the face-to-face meeting.

"He was recording a song and he asked if I could be a part of it. So I came there very fast. Kumbe mjamaa huku," Musila remembered how the seduction started.

"Sidhani kama niliogopa. When you are a follower, I lead, you follow," Guardian Angel stressed that he was very confident while hitting on Esther Musila.


Guardian Angel and his sweetheart Esther Musila got married in a private wedding on January 4, 2022 - nearly two years after they started dating.

The couple tied the knot in a very low-key garden wedding on Guardian’s birthday.

The two lovebirds toasted their 2nd wedding anniversary in style in January 2024.