KRG responds to Kwambox over shade on Elsa Majimbo

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 28 Nov, 2023 18:31 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of dancehall artiste KRG The Don and radio presenter Kwambox. PHOTOs/KRG & Kwambox(@krgthedon & @kwambox)/Instagram
A photo collage of dancehall artiste KRG The Don and radio presenter Kwambox. PHOTOs/KRG & Kwambox(@krgthedon & @kwambox)/Instagram

Kenyan dancehall artiste KRG The Don has taken a swipe at radio personality Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox over his remarks on paying comedian Elsa Majimbo to renounce her Kenyan citizenship.

In a two-minute video on Instagram addressing the Kiss 100 presenter, KRG noted that he was just minding his business when he heard someone dissing him on the radio.

"Nimeamka nikapiga sala zangu kama kawaida, minding my own business, then I hear someone dissing me on radio," KRG stated.

KRG also said he won't trade insults with the presenter noting that he respects her and she is his friend.

"Kwambox, wacha nikuambie ukweli wewe ni wa nyumbani. Haya maneno umeanza kuleta hii Nairobi si mazuri," he remarked.

He also joked about calling someone from Kisii to deal with the issue traditionally.

"Kwa sasa, wacha nipigie watu Kisii tufanye kinyumbani," he quipped.

Kwambox jumps onto KRG-Majimbo drama

In the wake of KRG offering to give Elsa Ksh760 million to renounce her citizenship, Kwambox weighed in on the matter during her usual morning show.

She noted that the American-based comedienne and chess champion was not going to be stressed by KRG's remarks.

She also threw shade at the controversial singer noting that KRG to Elsa was her father's number plate.

"Not in a bad way but Majimbo ain't losing no sleep over you. KRG to her is probably a number plate her dad had. She's hanging out with Beyonce, the world knows her name, at this point we just need to accept the haters took the L and Elsa won," She stated.

During the weekend, Majimbo challenged Kenyans to provide evidence of her saying she hated Kenya.

In response, KRG took a swipe at her, suggesting that he would pay her to give up her Kenyan citizenship.

He further claimed that Majimbo's recent financial success has fueled her ego.

"I want to pay this young blood Ksh760 million to cease being Kenyan coz She made small and silly money and thought Kenya as a country is a disgrace to her. Kenya is the best country in the entire world if you make the right move," KRG noted.