Khaligraph breathes sigh of relief as his mega-mansion nears completion after nearly 3 years of construction

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On Mon, 18 Sep, 2023 12:40 | 3 mins read
Khaligraph Jones (left). The rapper's mansion (right). PHOTOS/Instagram (@khaligraph_jones)

Khaligraph Jones updated his fans on the progress of his mansion's construction which is now nearing completion.

The rapper shared a short clip on InstaStories that showed the final touches being done on the three-storey mansion.

Khaligraph expressed relief at the construction progress, exuding confidence it would be over soon.

"We will get there soon InshaAllah,” Khaligraph Jones wrote.

Khaligraph Jones walks into his mansion. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Khaligraph started building his mansion in February last year. His wife Georgina Muteti took to social media on February 7, 2022, and posted photos showing workers digging the foundation for their house.

Georgina Muteti on site when workers were digging the foundation for their mansion. PHOTO/Instagram (@georginaamali)

Speaking during an interview in November 2022, Khaligraph said he was building a huge mansion to show his success.

“I show my successes because it’s something that wasn’t shown by guys who were here before us,” Khaligraph said.

“I’m building a home to show other musicians that it’s good to invest because, with this industry, things can change, but if you have a place to call home where you don’t pay rent, it’s safe for the family,” he added.

Khaligraph further said that his mansion's construction was progressing slowly because he didn’t have all the money that was required to build the house at a fast pace.

I’m building it at my own pace because I don’t have all that money, but mimi sijengi nyumba za ufala, najenga nyumba noma. It’s massive with many bedrooms. Najisukuma,” Khaligraph said.

I’m striving to have one of the best just to show the people that this thing is possible because 10 years ago, I didn’t have a place to call home. Mimi nilikuwa naishi Dandora being housed by someone na nilikuwa nalala kwa kiti. So my mansion is to show people that nothing is impossible,” he added.

Gidi Gidi

Radio presenter and former rapper Gidi Gidi was in May 2023 totally blown away by the huge size of Khaligraph’s mansion.

Gidi Gidi was driving when he noticed Khaligraph’s huge mansion and had to stop to check it out.

So today, on my way back to Nairobi I decided to use this new road from Suswa – Ngong – Karen – Nairobi. Along the way near Karen (am protecting exact location) I decided to inspect some pieces of land that I had bought many years back. It’s over 6 years since I was here.

Then am seeing some huge building coming up next door. Nikauliza some watchie hii ni apartment ya nani n we said hakuna kujenga apartment hapa. Then the watchie tells me hiyo sio apartment, ni 4 storey house na ni ya Msanii. I went closer n indeed it wasn’t an apartment but a beautiful house still under construction. So am like, msanii mgani huyu amejenga bonge la nyumba hivi. Then watchie tells me ni yule wa rap anaitwa Khaligraph Jones.

Khaligraph Jones' mansion as of May 2023. PHOTO/Facebook/Gidi Gidi

“Weuh! I texted Khaligraph and he confirmed that indeed this is his property. I am so excited not only that he’s going to be my neighbor but also how this hardworking artist has decided to invest in a home. When I was doing music, we could hardly make enough to even think of buying land in such neighborhoods.

I guess the digital space and more commercial opportunities has enabled artistes to earn more from the trade. However only hard work and determination can make you harness those opportunities. OG is hardworking. Am glad my guy Khaligraph is setting the bar high.

To fellow artistes, Invest when you still up there, music is dynamic and trends change, usitumie pesa yote kwa pombe na wanawake then one day unaomba mchango. but more importantly harness all the opportunities around your brand. Be like the OG! Big up bro and keep inspiring the new generation.

Disclaimer: Khaligraph gave consent to post these pictures ION mimi sina uwezo wa kujenga kama hiyo ya OG, hako ka piece kangu nitawalipisha entrance fee ya kuja kuona nyumba ya OG 😂🙌 BE INSPIRED,” Gidi Gidi wrote.

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