Crazy Kennar reveals plans to hold live comedy show

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On Wed, 20 Sep, 2023 13:04 | 2 mins read
Kenyan comedian and content creator Crazy Kennar. PHOTO/Crazy Kennar(@crazy_kennar)/Instagram
Kenyan comedian and content creator Crazy Kennar. PHOTO/Crazy Kennar(@crazy_kennar)/Instagram

Kenyan comedian Crazy Kennar has declared his grand plans to host an unforgettable live comedy show this December.

Through his TikTok page, the comedy guru revealed that he had been thinking about the show for the past six years.

"I have been thinking about it for the past six years, and I want to do a live show on stage. I want to actualize digital comedy into live-stage comedy. A show that will have 6,000 people in attendance, this December," Kennar declared

"Personally, I believe the dream is possible, and I promise to give a performance of a lifetime. It will be an opportunity for me to have an intimate connection for the first time," he added.

He urged fans to tune in to his live session, where he will unveil the vibrant posters and tickets for the upcoming extravaganza.

Rise and rise of Kennar

Kennar's passion for acting and unwavering dedication led him to collaborate with Stanley Omondi in creating 'Tales of Crazy Kennar.'

Omondi expressed his desire to focus on building his personal brand, which eventually led to their separation in early 2023.

Before parting ways, the duo worked alongside Bushra, Cynthia Wanjiru, and Yvonne Khisa.

While many thought the breakup would spell the end of Crazy Kennar, it ironically marked the beginning of his journey to producing some of the most viral videos ever.

Following the split, Kennar released a video that humorously highlighted the tendency of civil servants to decorate their homes with items adorned with various government institution logos.

Kennar's popularity has also led to collaborations as a brand ambassador for various companies, including Airtel.

This came shortly after his short hiatus and the fallout of his crew.

In an interview with a local media outlet, he shared;

"I may not have experienced depression now, but I've been through that phase before. I used to confide in my friends, and my goal has always been to elevate those around me as I succeed. Whether it's through direct or indirect impact, I believe in uplifting others."

"To achieve success, a clear mind is essential. Stress hinders clear thinking, and success starts with a healthy mindset. We must collectively combat depression to progress together," he emphasized.

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