Karen Nyamu addresses eviction from Runda home after viral videos

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On Sat, 10 Feb, 2024 10:35 | 2 mins read
Karen Nyamu crying during a session in Parliament (left). The nominated senator with police officer outsider her home (right). PHOTOS/Screengrab by K24 Digital

Karen Nyamu has responded to concerns about her being evicted from her Runda home because of rent arrears.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, videos went viral on social media showing purported auctioneers who were accompanied by police invading Karen Nyamu's house in Runda Graceline Villa.

The UDA-nominated senator addressed the alleged eviction while responding to fans who commented on her TikTok and Facebook accounts.

On Facebook, some fans sought Karen Nyamu's clarification about the eviction but she did not directly confirm or deny it happened.

"Mhesh vile tunanyamazishwa na team nothing but prayers eti hatujalipa rent please clear the rumours…congratulations," Purity Amani asked Karen Nyamu.

"Purity Amani Clear which air and for who. we don't do that let whoever think whatever," Karen Nyamu answered.

On TikTok, some fans urged Karen Nyamu to be a homeowner following the viral videos.

"karen nyamu kindly be a home owner like me# i love you though!" Edu4LIFE SHOWS AND EVENTS commented on Nyamu's TikTok post following reports of her eviction.

"Wueh I don't like responding to everything someone tries to come up with or look like i'm bragging but i'm sure unajua me si kaschana kajinga," Karen Nyamu responded.

Karen Nyamu assured another TikTok fan that she can never be evicted in this life because she is too blessed.

"prezo am sad ..wanasema unafungiwa nyumba please speak out we're hurt đŸ˜­đŸ˜­," Monicah Wanjiru wrote.

"That can never happen to me in this life mama relax. We are too blessed," Karen Nyamu responded.


The reports on Karen Nyamu's purported eviction come barely two months after she was criticised for invading Edday’s matrimonial house in Oljororok.

The UDA-nominated senator came under scathing attack from critics who accused her of taking over Edday's matrimonial home in Samidoh's rural home.

Samidoh, Karen Nyamu and their children spent the holiday season at the singer’s rural home in Oljororok, Nyandarua County.

Netizens faulted Karen Nyamu for sleeping in Edday Nderitu’s house after she shared photos of herself and her family enjoying quality time in Oljororok.

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