‘I am still in good terms with Hype Ballo’ – DJ Joe Mfalme

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On Wed, 10 Apr, 2024 12:52 | 3 mins read
Entertainer DJ Joe Mfalme and Hype Ballo. PHOTO/Joe(@djjoemfalme)/Instagram
Entertainer DJ Joe Mfalme and Hype Ballo. PHOTO/Joe(@djjoemfalme)/Instagram

Kenyan entertainer Joseph Mwenda alias DJ Joe Mfalme has addressed on-air rumours that he snitched on his friend Allan Ochieng, also known as Hype Ballo, in the murder case of senior detective Felix Kelian.

In an exclusive interview with Milele FM's Ankali Ray, DJ Joe Mfalme clarified the situation, noting that he and Hype Ballo remain on good terms despite public speculation.

"People don't know the full story, and since the matter is currently in court, I prefer not to comment on it. Public opinion is inevitable, but I want to make it clear that Hype Ballo and I are still in good terms. However, due to the ongoing investigations, we are not allowed to discuss the case," DJ Joe Mfalme stated.

The DJ also dispelled rumours that his friends abandoned him while he was incarcerated, saying he received immense support from friends and family. He also revealed that he would resume his normal work schedule after being set free.

"People showed up. A lot. I was overwhelmed and I appreciated it a lot. Work has to continue. We can't stop working," he added.

The recent developments come after DJ Joe Mfalme and six other individuals were brought before the Kibera Law Courts on Monday, April 8.

During the court proceedings, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) applied to drop the charges against DJ Joe Mfalme and five other co-accused, recommending them to serve as state witnesses in the murder case of Kelian. Among the accused-turned-state witnesses are Eric Kariuki Gathua, Simon Wambugu Wanjiru, Khadija Abdi Wako, Sammy Cheruiyot Rotich and Agnes Kerubo Mogoiare.

However, Hype Ballo was singled out by the DPP to be charged with the murder.

“The ODPP has further recommended that the 1st accused, Allan Ochieng, be charged with the murder of the late senior cop attached to DCI Dagoretti. Allan Ochieng is to take a plea at Kiambu Law Court and be charged with murder,” the ODPP stated.

Joe Mfalme in court

On March 25, the police informed Kibera Magistrate Margaret Murage that initial investigations revealed the deceased was involved in a minor accident while driving on Kikuyu road.

Allegedly, he collided with a vehicle carrying Allan, Eric, Simon, and DJ Joe, along with another person who remains unidentified.

According to Frederick Kosen, a police officer from DCI Dagoretti, an altercation ensued after the accident, resulting in the deceased being assaulted by Allan, Eric, Simon, and DJ Joe. Abdi, who was on duty at Kikuyu police station that night, purportedly arrived at the scene and found the deceased being attacked by Allan, Eric, and DJ Joe.

The officer stated that the group, including Allan, Eric, Simon, DJ Joe, and Abdi, took the deceased to Kikuyu police station.

There, the deceased complained of abdominal pain and was observed urinating blood by Sammy Rotich and Agnes Mogoi, who were on duty at the station.

"They received the deceased who was complaining of injuries and they witnessed the deceased urinating blood," Frederick said.

Subsequently, the deceased went home but his abdominal pain worsened, leading to his admission to Nairobi West Hospital.

Unfortunately, he passed away on March 21 during treatment. Following his death, investigations commenced, resulting in the arrest of the suspects.

"He passed on March 21 while undergoing treatment. From then on investigations commenced and officers managed to arrest the suspects," Frederick said.

Fredrick referenced a doctor's report indicating the deceased suffered blunt abdominal trauma and traumatic bladder injury.

He argued that there was a risk of the suspects interfering with the investigation and requested their detention until the matter concluded.

The police sought to detain Allan at Kabete police station, DJ Joe, Eric, and Simon at Muthangari, and the three officers at Riruta police station.

However, the defence objected, arguing that no exceptional circumstances were justifying the suspects' prolonged detention.

They also noted that the doctor's report was not presented in court to substantiate the police's claims.

The defence further contested claims of Allan being a flight risk, asserting that no evidence was provided to support this allegation.

DJ Joe expressed his willingness to remain within the court's jurisdiction until the case was resolved.