Jackie Matubia talks levelling up, hints at separation

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On Sun, 16 Jul, 2023 21:29 | < 1 min read
Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)Instagram
Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/Jackie Matubia(@jmatubia)Instagram

Actress Jackie Matubia has once again left a section of her fans questioning her relationship with Blessing Lung'aho who doubles up as her fiancé and baby daddy.

This is after she revealed her plans on levelling up through a new Instagram post.

According to Matubia, there are three steps to levelling up which are isolation, separation and extreme focus.

The cryptic message comes at a time when many have been asking whether she parted ways with her fiancé.

For a while now Matubia through her posts has been hinting at a possible breakup with actor Blessing Lung'aho.

Last she made headlines, Jackie Matubia had shared a photo on a plane asking her fans if they had baby daddies who were pilots

"Mko na baby daddy's pilots ama you can explain," Matubia joked.

This being the second time Matubia was announcing to be with her first baby daddy after years of separation, fans once again left asking questions.

Snubs both baby daddies

Although details of her relationship with Lung'aho remain unknown to the public, Jackie Matubia has been hinting at a possible breakup.

As seen on a post shared on Father's Day, 2023 the mother of two snubbed both baby daddies as she celebrated herself for a job well done in raising her girls.

Jackie Matubia is currently enjoying a personal tour in South Africa where she flew with her first baby daddy.

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