‘I can allow my man to have sex with another woman till she gets her own man’ – Mungai’s girlfriend reveals

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 19 Sep, 2021 16:23 | 2 mins read
Ex actor Mungai's lover speaks of their polygamous relationship, getting intimate with new girlfriend.

Former Junction Junior actor Mungai and his girlfriend Aisha have disclosed that they are in a polyamorous relationship.

During a candid Q & A on Isha's Insta Stories, the 19-year old engaged her fans as she expounded more about their preferences in the relationship but she has one basic (in more ways than one), and non-negotiable, condition.

"The first girlfriend we dated for eight months then we broke up and for the current one, this is the third month," she said.

"If either of us ever falls in love with someone else, we have a conversation and we will break up because that is where you stop fighting for someone but we won't stop being friends. Otherwise, nothing can break us," she added.

The topic was getting quite interesting and a curious fan asked; "What happens if your girlfriend gets attached to your boyfriend?"

In her response, Aisha said:

"But what if I get attached to her and leave Mungai? No! We know those are possibilities that exist. Even in normal two-spoused relationships, it is a dumb thing to be so majorly afraid of."

Another fan asked: "What happens if Mungai falls in love with another lady? What will you two do?"

Aisha answered saying the third person is strictly meant to spice up their relationship.

"We all know our stand in the relationship and I know Mungai. If he was the type of a man, we wouldn't even be dating or I wouldn't even have brought this up but he is not," she noted.

Additionally, Aisha noted that the other lady is dating them exclusively and in case she gets pregnant by her boyfriend they will be ready to take care of the baby.

"If she finds someone she is emotionally attached to, we let her go," she said.

"She is on contraceptives (her choice) but if it does happen well good because babies are a big blessing. We love babies," she added.