Huddah questions Sakaja over Nairobi River stench

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On Sat, 24 Jun, 2023 08:38 | 2 mins read
Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram
Kenyan beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram

Huddah Monroe has come out to question Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja over the current stench emanating from the Nairobi River.

Huddah reached out to the Nairobi Governor through her post on social media, asking whether he was aware of how the city smells.

"Is it me or Nairobi smells really bad? @Sakaja." Huddah wrote.

The socialite further demanded that all rivers in the city should be cleaned.

"Nairobi River and all rivers need cleaning," Huddah added.

Huddah takes a swipe at Governor Sakaja. PHOTO/Screenshot


Huddah returned to Kenya in late December 2021 after a two-year stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

She relocated to Dubai at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and at one point she vowed never to return to Kenya, but she came back nevertheless.

The socialite often notices the changes in Nairobi whenever she comes back from her trips abroad.

Huddah also often criticizes Kenyan politicians and the electorates themselves while sharing her opinion about politics.

"It beats me when people go to war to fight their neighbours for people who do not care about them or their families," she wrote in a past post.

In March, Huddah slammed Kenyans for demonstrating against the high cost of living.

"Why are people protesting over the high cost of living? Don't you know this is the new world order? The whole world is in crisis! Huddah shared on Instagram.

Having travelled around the world, she told Kenyans that the high cost of living is affecting everyone in the world.

"You either learn new survival tactics or die. There's no option. It's just the beginning and it's getting worse!" Huddah wrote.

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