Huddah Monroe shows off M-Pesa balance after being given ‘tea money’ by her lover

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On Wed, 22 Nov, 2023 21:09 | 2 mins read
Huddah Monroe. PHOTOI/Instagram (@huddahthebosschick)

Huddah Monroe is convinced money loves her and just follows her wherever she goes after her sweetheart sent her an amount that simply blew her mind away.

The Kenyan socialite in a series of posts on InstaStories said her angry mood alone makes people send her money.

"Money comes to me easily, money loves me, money adores me. When I rant people wanna send me money they think it's cash [problem]," Huddah wrote.

The petite socialite further showed off her M-Pesa balance as she bragged that her man sent her money to cool off her stress.

Huddah had a balance of Ksh341,513.

"My man is a king. He said go have tea stop stressing," Huddah captioned a screenshot of her M-Pesa balance.

Persian 'lover'

Huddah Monroe on November 14, 2023, caused a stir when she claimed an Iranian man swept her off her feet and ran away with her heart.

"Never have I ever thought a Persian man would take my heart & run off with it 😌….. 🙈," Huddah Monroe captioned her post.

However, it later turned out that Huddah and the Persian man were only doing an advert.

Huddah has always been extremely careful not to expose the people she dates, jealously guardian her love life from the prying eyes of the media.

The socialite, nonetheless, often opens up about her love life.

In June 2022, Huddah came out to reveal her biggest life secret, admitting that she got married at the age of 19 and that her union lasted for only four years.

Huddah further divulged that she divorced her then-husband because he was a drug addict.

I was married for 4 years at 19, we didn't have a child and I divorced. Coz the man was a drug addict! I wasn’t famous so I didn’t need to advertise it. So I speak from experience. Not mocking y’all. That’s my biggest secret," Huddah Monroe wrote.

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