Huddah Monroe thinks cars are overpriced in Kenya

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On Tue, 26 Sep, 2023 16:01 | 2 mins read
Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram
Kenyan beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram

Kenyan socialite and beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has expressed her dismay over the steep prices of cars in Kenya compared to other countries.

In a series of Insta stories, Huddah made a compelling case for the exorbitant pricing of vehicles in Kenya.

She compared the cost of a Range Rover in Kenya in 2015 to the price of a fully loaded Range Rover in Dubai in 2023.

The beauty entrepreneur claimed that a Range Rover in 2015 in Kenya was going for $200,000 (Ksh29.6 million) while in Dubai, a fully loaded Range Rover in 2023 is now $60,000 (Ksh8.7 million).

"Range Rover 2015 in Kenya (is) $200,000 (while in) Dubai Range Rover fully loaded 2023 (is) $60,000," she highlighted.

She also mentioned the Toyota Land Cruiser, stating that it costs a staggering $130,000 (Ksh19.2 million) in Kenya.

Huddah Monroe's advice

Her frustration with the pricing continued, as she emphasized the need for Kenyans to consider alternative options.

"When you travel you realize you've been living a lie... Laughing in my mother tongue! Old 2010-2015 model of cars being sold at that price is insane! Taking a loan to buy them is even more Crazy! Go get you a Tesla," she asserted.

Not mincing words, she argued that part of the problem was a lack of exposure.

"The problem is that a lot of people lack exposure...coz who is buying scrap metal for $200,000. Range Rover's maximum use (is) 2 years and it's problems on problems. You spend even more to fix it," she said.

Her scathing remarks continued as she pointed out the impracticality of spending such a hefty sum on vehicles that were not even the latest models.

"$200,000 and not even a 2023 model... It's already rotten adding problems to your problems. You'll be spending & spending. Better take that $ and flash it in the toilet," she emphasized.

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