I confronted Guardian Angel about cheating on me – Esther Musila

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On Thu, 11 Jan, 2024 21:14 | 2 mins read
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila. PHOTO/Instagram (@esther.musila)

Esther Musila narrated how she confronted her husband Guardian Angel after she was informed that he was cheating on her.

Speaking in a video on her social media account, the 53-year-old revealed that she was approached by a woman who claimed she had evidence to prove that her 35-year-old husband was fooling around with a younger lady.

“You seem to be a respectable, humble, sane, God-fearing and loving woman. Have you recently suspected your man of being with another woman? I think you don't deserve this.

"I mean, he just saw you playing with that type!! Or has he chosen someone above you with big hips? This one will bring you disease for free! I own a celebrity house and therefore have access to CCTV footage and MPesa payments. I hope this will be between me and you. You will not reveal the source of the information,” Esther Musila read out the message sent to her by the woman.

She added that the informant shared messages of Guardian Angel's MPesa transaction allegedly to pay for the VIP guest room.

However, Esther Musila was spooked by the woman's instance that she should pay her for more incriminating evidence against Guardian.

The quinquagenarian refused to give the informant the money she was seeking and ultimately went on to seek the truth by herself.

Musila requested her husband for his phone and went through his MPesa transaction to check if he paid for the lodging where the informant said he slept with his side chick.

"Not that I doubt my husband. Later on, Guardian calls me in the midst of that and I am like 'ehhh babe, my friend I have juice on you'. So he is like 'what what what?' I was like take it easy baby, take it easy. So I go to the studio and I am like 'babe ebu give me your phone coz you know me and Guardian, I mean he uses my phone I use his phone, we don't have secrets," Esther Musila said.

"You know with the good thing with MPesa you can go to all transactions. So I go to the 19th of December. I think he was wondering what is this woman doing. So we had only like six transactions. That transaction doesn't exist. The only transaction that was there of that amount it was made at 9 and it was made to Nairobi Water, we were paying for water at this place. The Ksh5,000 that this person claims, I think they edited the amount, was at 2:32 pm which was during the day, Guardian was in this studio," she added.

On finding out that no such MPesa transaction to a lodging existed, Esther Musila then opened up to her husband about the scammer posing as an informant.

"So I started giving Guardian the story and he was like what? So that's when he remembers this person who asked for my number yesterday so this was your plan.

"I just sent her a message and I said you know what, please we know it's January things are tough but you don't do things like this. You don't come to scam people wanting to break up their relationship with cheap cheap propaganda. Please look for ways, guys look for other ways to make money," Musila said.

Marriage life

Guardian Angel and his sweetheart Esther Musila got married in a private wedding on January 4, 2022.

The couple only days ago celebrated their second wedding anniversary and the musician's 35th birthday.