‘I was sick for 2 months’ – Flaqo explains his absence from content creation

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On Sun, 25 Feb, 2024 17:49 | 2 mins read
Kenyan content creator Flaqo Raz. PHOTO/Flaqo(@flaqo411)/Instagram
Kenyan content creator Flaqo Raz. PHOTO/Flaqo(@flaqo411)/Instagram

Kenyan content creator Erastus Otieno alias Flaqo Raz recently disclosed the reasons behind his prolonged absence from the content creation scene.

Speaking to a local news outlet, Flaqo opened up on his health struggles, which kept him away from producing content for several months.

He disclosed battling malaria, followed by an encounter with H.Pylori and spinal cord issues which he attributed to weightlifting.

He said he has fully recovered and will be back in the game.

"I was sick for 2 months, nilikua na Malaria, alafu nikapata H.Pylori then I had spinal cord issues because of weightlifting, but right now I am good," Flaqo shared.

In and out of hospital

In a video shared on January 28, Flaqo updated his followers on his recent hospital visits and tests, asking for their prayers and highlighting the role of faith in his recovery.

“For the past 2 months, I’ve been dealing with lots of ups and downs in the hospital. I can’t move like I used to, but I trust that God is in control. If you believe in God, please help me in prayer,” he shared.

Flaqo stressed the importance of good health and expressed his eagerness to get back to creating content, despite feeling frustrated and powerless at times.

“Never underestimate good health when God blesses you with it. I’m improving and relapsing. I can’t wait to overcome all of this. I miss creating content; I dislike feeling helpless,” Flaqo remarked.

The rise and rise of Flaqo

Flaqo's rise to success in the local entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

Speaking in past interviews, the funny man recounted how he got into content creation which began with a passion for watching vines, and saw him gradually transition into a content creator.

Recognizing the local audience's love for relatable content, Flaqo started his journey by shooting short videos using his modest phone.

He took inspiration from renowned vine creators like Dope Island and Kenny Knox as he paved his path to stardom.

In the early stages of his career, Flaqo shared his humorous content on popular social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp.

His knack for portraying the typical Kenyan parent, especially mothers, quickly endeared him to a growing audience.

Characters like Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Akoth, Bakari, Otis, and Mama Kinston became household names, bringing laughter and amusement to countless viewers.

Flaqo's ability to capture the essence of everyday Kenyan life through his comic characters resonated deeply with his audience.

As a testament to his creativity, he continued to introduce new characters to his repertoire, including Bahati, Bakari the Choirmaster, Khaligraph, and Eko Dydda.

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