‘Wale watoto mulikua munaniambia nizae ndo hawa sasa’ – Esther Musila adopts 2 children

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On Sat, 28 Oct, 2023 09:53 | 3 mins read
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila. PHOTOS/Instagram (@esther.musila)

Esther Musila sought to silence critics who were concerned about her getting pregnant as she opted to adopt two grown children.

The 53-year-old revealed she was now a mother to two upcoming musicians Sammy G and Derik who have been signed by her husband Peter Omwaka aka Guardian Angel.

Speaking to vloggers on Thursday night October 26, 2023, during the launch of her husband's record label Seven Heaven Music where Sammy G and Derik were officially unveiled, Esther Musila answered those who had been inquiring about her prospects of getting children with Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel with his signees Sammy G and Derik. PHOTO/Instagram (@esther.musila)

The quinquagenarian said she was now a mother to Sammy G and Derik, adding that those who have been asking her to have kids with her husband should now know the duo are the children they had been pushing for.

Esther Musila further said that she was very proud to be a new mother at her age and vowed to give her two adopted children all the best she could afford.

"Sasa munaona wale watoto mulikua munaniambia nizae, sasa ndo hawa wamezaliwa. I am proud to be a new mother at my age despite everything and tutawalea vizuri. I am a good mother so they are under good care,” Esther Musila said.

The children factor

Guardian Angel and his sweetheart Esther Musila got married in a private wedding on January 4, 2022.

The couple tied the knot in a very low-key garden wedding on Guardian’s birthday when he turned 33 years old.

Ever since the couple got hitched, many people have been very interested in knowing whether Esther Musila and Guardian Angel were going to have their own biological children.

Months after their wedding, Esther Musila rudely shut down netizens who asked her if she was going to get pregnant for her husband.

Congratulations tunangoja mtoto sasa (Congratulations we are now waiting for a child),” Eunice Akinyi commented on Esther Musila’s post.

To which she replied;

Wako? Tunakuzalia ama?? (Your child? Are we having a child for you???)

"How now without a children's??" Vanspakeh_daynoh asked Esther Musila.

To which she responded; "who are/what are children's".

Speaking during an interview on YouTube channel Plug TV in June 2022, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila said they didn't mind having their own child but insisted it wasn’t a must.

Mtoto hio inakuanga mambo ya Mungu. Mungu akitaka kutupatia bonus ya baraka ya mtoto hio sawa. Lakini ata kama hio haipo hio ni bonus, ile tuko nayo tunaenjoy na hio you understand. And that’s our love for each other.

That’s what matters for me, how I feel about Esther and what she feels about me, I mean what we make each other feel about each other. That’s number one for us and that’s what matters. It has given me enough peace you know, that matters to me. So mtoto ni bonus kwetu, tukipata sawa, tukikosa kupata haipunguzi kitu yoyote kwa love yangu kwa mpenzi wangu,” Guardian Angel said.

Kwa sababu ata huyu mtoto kama tupati si ni wetu, si wa society so sasa mtoto munataka mufanyie nini,” Esther Musila added.

In July 2023, Esther Musila responded after being asked how she would react if her son married an older woman.