DJ Mo: So far we’ve spent Ksh23 million on our mansion and construction is not even over

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DJ Mo: So far we've spent Ksh23 million on our mansion and construction is not even over
DJ Mo and Size 8 (left) The couple's mansion (right). PHOTOS/Instagram (@size8reborn)

DJ Mo and Size 8 are currently building their own mansion. The celebrity couple held a groundbreaking ceremony on April 20, 2022, to mark the beginning of the construction work for their new house.

The mix master has since given an update on the progress of their mansion.

DJ Mo said they had so far spent a staggering Ksh23 million on their mansion with construction projected to end in January 2024.

“It’s our family palace, so we have to take time and customize it to our standards. We shall also import some of the fittings," DJ Mo said during an interview with Nation Africa.

DJ further revealed that the anticipated completion budget of the mansion was Ksh48 million, up from the initial Ksh40 million that they had planned for.

In June 2022, DJ Mo lamented that the mansion was draining his bank account when he had only spent Ksh2 million on the foundation alone.

The mega mansion will have six bedrooms, a prayer room, a home theatre and a studio.

The mansion is located in the Daykio area on Kiganjo Road off Thika Road.


DJ Mo and Size 8 started constructing their mega-mansion shortly after Ringtone mocked them for renting a big house in the leafy Lavington suburb.

Ringtone published a controversial list in March 2022 ranking the richest celebrities in Kenya and the mansion they own or rent.

1) Ringtone Apoko
5 mansions in Runda, Karen, muthaiga. Hotel and various apartments. 7 cars
Range rovers, Maybach, BMW etc
2) JAGUA 2 mansions and 3 cars

3) AKOTHEE 1 mansion in mombasa and 1
SUV car.

4) BAHATI 2 mansions 3 cars
5) ANERLISA MUIGAI…NO HOUSE( Lives with mother) 1 car
6) KALIGRAPH 1 mansion under construction and 1 car.
7) KRG DON…1 HOUSE 1 Car Range sport and 3 old cars( no value)
8) Betty kyalo……Renting house and no car BUT owns salon
9) HUDA…Renting apartment no car but sells lipsticks online.
10) Otile Brown…..Renting house and 2 cars
11) Dj mo and Size8 Renting house and 2 cars
!!!!!!! WE HAVE EVIDENCE TO PROOF!!!!!!!!!

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