‘Somebody tell him to stop misleading church’ – Diana Marua angrily hits back at Pastor Ezekiel

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On Tue, 12 Sep, 2023 09:41 | 2 mins read
Pastor Ezekiel and Diana Marua. PHOTOS/Courtesy

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church rubbed Diana Marua the wrong way over his controversial sermon.

The preacher was seen in an undated video warning the faithful at a gathering against marrying women called 'Diana'.

Pastor Ezekiel claimed women called Diana always want to exert dominance over their husbands and would leave their marriages if they fail to control their spouses.

"Ushawai kuona Diana yeyote kwa ndoa? Hakuna ata mmoja. Ukioa Diana uishi na yeye, yeye ndo anakucontrol kama robot. She becomes the husband. Lakini wewe uwe mume, Diana anaenda. Hapo nimeongea ukweli," the preacher said.

Pastor Ezekiel further cautioned parents against naming their children 'Diana' saying that the name carries a bad spirit.

"Number two, usimpe mtoto wako jina Diana. Sababu akiolewa utashare na watu. Diana anapendwa bila sababu ata kama hajui. Mtu anamwambia tu 'mimi nikikuangalia ata akili yangu inachanganyikiwa'. Because the name carries the spirit," Pastor Ezekiel said.

True or false prophet?

Diana Marua questioned Pastor Ezekiel's credibility while reacting to the preacher's video cautioning the Christian faithful against marrying people of her namesake.

Bahati's wife further told the controversial preacher to stop misleading the church.

"Is this a TRUE or FALSE Prophet??? 🙆 Somebody tell this Pastor to Stop Misleading the Church. @Diana_Marua and I are Celebrating 7 Golden Years of Marriage This Coming OCTOBER, 20TH. DIANAS ARE THE BEST!!!" Diana Marua wrote on the caption of the video by Pastor Ezekiel which she posted on her Instagram account.

Diana additionally cautioned her fans against marrying men called Ezekiel, claiming that they are pathological liars.

She further linked the preacher to the Shakahola massacre.

"Don’t be Married to Ezekiel’s!!! They will look at you straight in your eyes and LIE! Is this the same Ezekiel that was part of SHAKAHOLA MASSACRE????" Diana Marua added.

Shakahold massacre

Pastor Ezekiel was arrested and charged over suspicion that he was involved in criminal activities associated with Pastor Paul Mackenzie who is currently in police custody over Shakahola massacre.

The Kilifi-based pastor found himself in trouble with the state authorities following the investigation into the Shakahola horror, where many bodies were found buried in mass graves.

Pastor Ezekiel only resumed ministering at his church after the High Court suspended the decision by the Registrar of Societies to deregister his church.