Cartoon comedian forced to apologize after ‘unfunny’ joke about Kenyans in gulf

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 15 Oct, 2021 16:28 | < 1 min read
Vanessa Akinyi alias Cartoon comedian. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Churchill show's Cartoon comedian whose real name is Vanessa Akinyi was forced to apologize after an online joke struck the wrong chord with her fans.

Netizens furiously called her out over her dark joke in a compilation of a small skit depicting life in the gulf with a character named 'Matilda'.

After facing major pushback in the comment section and a couple of eviscerating replies, the comedienne wrote them back, saying sorry before deleting the video.

“This is the reason why you wasted your data making such content. Do you think anyone can wake up pack direct to gulf to do nothing? Respect our brothers and sisters in the diaspora. I think they follow you the most. Let me remind you #cartoon, they will make it, they will win. They are not victims but Victors. Remember nothing is permanent,” a Facebook user identified as Lillian Babie wrote.

In her defence, Cartoon said the skit was meant for a 'dark humour' adding that a disclaimer note had been attached to the video.

"Sorry for those who got offended. It was dark humour. It had a disclaimer on it and that is why I did not share it on my other social media pages. The TikTok page that shared the video isn't even mine. However, I am sorry to those who were affected," she wrote.