C*rdi B hurls microphone at fan who threw drink at her

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Cardi B hurls microphone at fan who threw drink at her
Cardi B pictured throwing a microphone at an audience member who tossed a drink at her PHOTO/Screengrabs

Cardi B was pictured throwing a microphone at an audience member who tossed a drink at her, hours after throwing another microphone at a DJ in Las Vegas.

The WAP hitmaker, 30, was seen hurling the microphone from the stage after getting splashed by a drink thrown by a fan, in a video shared to Pop Base Twitter on Saturday.

It wasn’t the first time this weekend the rapper — who just released a new song with her husband Offset titled Jealousy — decided to use her microphone for something other than singing.

Cardi B irritated by DJ

The night prior, Cardi was performing at Drai's Beach Club when she became irritated after the DJ was allegedly cutting off her songs too early.

In a clip shared to social media by user kfen777 the entertainer was seen shouting out her name before turning around and flinging the microphone in the direction of the DJ as if she was throwing a football, before walking off stage.

The first clip sees Cardi, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, wearing a busty bright orange dress while performing on stage in the daylight hours.

She is in the middle of singing her 2018 hit Bodak Yellow, and raises the microphone up to her face for another verse, before suddenly a spray of liquid is seen hitting her in the face from a drink a cup in the audience.

Cardi appears shocked for a brief second before swinging into action and throwing the microphone at someone in the audience, presumably the drink-tosser.

Meanwhile the soundtrack to her song along with her vocals continues on in the background.

Cardi is then seen fixing her hair as security appears to handle the situation in the crowd.

Fans in Las Vegas reportedly waited two hours in 112 degree heat before the star showed up to perform.

The hip hop star reportedly even asked fans to throw water on her as she complained about the excessive heat in Sin City. 

The night prior she was seen barefoot on stage while performing her smash hit I Like It in a neon yellow mini dress prior to the microphone incident.

Cardi ended the set with a confetti celebration before throwing the mic and then leaving the stage. 

Confused users in the comments asked, 'What happened?? There's no context...'

The poster of the video explained: 'DJ cut the track short on multiple songs! She was livid (as you can see)' with a laughing out crying emoji.

Later that same day, Cardi B took to Instagram to show off her outfit change as she enjoyed another show with Offset and several of her gal pals.

The star changed into a plunging red dress with halter straps to accentuate her ample assets and she also rocked a pair of oversized wraparound red shades.

Despite sitting down in the clip, she beamed and panned the camera down to show off her hourglass figure and entire ensemble.

Later, she recorded a cute clip of herself with Offset — who sported a leather vest and baseball cap — and showed off his diamond-encrusted dental jewelry. 

The throwing incidents come after Cardi B shut down rumors that she and her husband Offset faked a cheating scandal to promote their collaborative single, Jealousy, which was released on Friday.

Following speculation that the 31-year-old Migos rapper publicly accused his spouse of cheating to drum up publicity for their new track, the mother-of-two set the record straight about their online spat.

In response to an Instagram comment calling his infidelity allegations just 'a stunt' to create buzz, the Grammy winner replied: 'It wasn't no STUNT.'

'Tasha K made some ish up and yall was laughing about it and happy a** hell about it. Now that we putting it in the music is a stunt … Naaa baby be mad at the one who started trolling wit it,' she wrote, according to a screenshot on Twitter.

Cardi retweeted the post and added, 'THEY C***HIE WAS SO WET WHEN THE LIE WAS GOING AROUND NOW it's a different narrative when we put it in the music ….OOOO IM POPPIN IT ON THIS SONG!!!!'

In addition to alluding to her fight with Offset, she referenced her defamation lawsuit against YouTube blogger Tasha K, which she won last year.

The blogger, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, was forbidden by the court to post or repost any allegations linking Cardi B to drug use, prostitution, marital infidelity, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Additionally, she was ordered to remove clips and social media posts that a jury deemed 'false and defamatory.'

Last month, in a since-deleted post, Offset accused his wife of more than five years of being unfaithful.

Cardi then hit back at Offset's claim with a Twitter Spaces rant in which she accused her 'motherf****r' spouse of 'spiraling.'

She also shared a recording in which she hit back at the father of her two children via song and urged her fans 'not to pay attention' to Offset's shock allegation.

Singing a well-known Keyshia Cole song called I Should've Cheated, the star vocalized: 'First of all, let me say you can’t accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of. Sing it with me, y’all! And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me. Yes, honey!'

Cardi then said, 'Come on, now. I’m Cardi B, n***a. I think sometimes motherf**kers forget I’m Cardi B. If I was giving this p***y to anybody, it would be out. I’m not just anybody.'

An insider later told People: 'They're just having a little quarrel. They're very intense so [they] go back and forth quite a bit. They'll hash it out like they always do.'

Offset and Cardi quickly put their marital woes behind them as they were seen enjoying Paris Fashion Week together just days after the online spat.

The twosome secretly tied the knot in September 2017 but waited until the following year to announce the marriage.

In July 2018 they welcomed daughter Kulture, 5, and three years later their son Wave, 1, was born.

Cephus is also father to sons Jordan, 13, and Kody, 8, and 8-year-old daughter Kalea from previous relationships.

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