‘I saw you on YouTube’ – Comedian Eddie Butita shares light moment with legendary host Steve Harvey

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On Wed, 22 May, 2024 07:24 | 3 mins read
Comedian Eddie Butita. PHOTO/@eddiebutita/X
Comedian Eddie Butita meets Steve Harvey. PHOTO/@eddiebutita/X

Comedian and scriptwriter Eddie Butita was elated after his interaction with different celebrities during a luncheon at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Butita took to social media to post moments that captured his joyful time as he met legendary TV host Steve Harvey.

Butita meets Steve Harvey

Dressed in a sleek grey suit, he radiated joy and was seen shaking hands with Steve Harvey as President Ruto was centrally placed in their conversation.

Comedian Eddie Butita. PHOTO/@eddiebutita/X
Comedian Eddie Butita. PHOTO/@eddiebutita/X

Butita added that TV host Steve Harvey had interacted with comedian Butita’s content on YouTube.

“I saw you on YouTube" words from Steve Harvey,” Butita added.

As seen in his post, Butita expressed his gratitude to President Ruto for making his long dream come true. 

“Thank you Mr President for this honourable connection, meeting Steve Harvey Has been a dream for the past 14 years. Today it became a reality,” Eddie Butita stated.

Additionally, Butita added that this being the second day of their state visit, great conversations were held that would help equip and train various talents for business. Butita added that he was elated that creatives were considered in such great conversations for business success in showbiz.

President Ruto's State Visit

On Monday, May 20, Eddie Butita was among those who accompanied President William Ruto on a four-day state visit to the United States. 

Butita took to his socials sharing his excitement as he walked across the presidential motorcade in a black suit.

As seen through his Instagram, Butita added a caption accompanying the short clip. "Let's get to work, President William Ruto State Visit USA. Your boy in the presidential motorcade in the US," Butita wrote.

Creative Director Eddie Butita. PHOTO/(@eddiebutita)/Instagram
Creative Director Eddie Butita PHOTO/(@eddiebutita)/Instagram

Other Kenyan celebrities accompanied President Ruto on his tour and Kate Actress too was among them. Kate joined Butita on a historic US tour commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kenya and the United States. 

Taking to Instagram, Kate expressed her excitement about joining the delegation, thanking US Ambassador Meg Whitman for inviting her.

Comedian Eddie Butita sharing a moment with Kate Actress at Tyler Perry Studios. PHOTO/ Screengrab by K24 Digital on X

Earlier, Korir Sing'oei, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had stated that President Ruto would meet Hollywood stars to unlock the potential fast-growing Kenya's film industry.

According to Korir, President Ruto was aware of Kenya's creativity levels and was committed to offering the support he could to grow the film and entertainment sector. 

Korir explained that Ruto was aware of Kenya's creativity level and would support the film and entertainment industry.