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The Mandela Foundationsaid: “we do not believe that leaders who conduct themselves in the way Mr. Trump does are in a position to offer authoritative commentary on (Mandela’s) life and work.” [PHOTO | FILE]
South Africans bristle over alleged Trump comments on Mandela

By | 3 years ago

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany issued a statement over the weekend that said Cohen lacked credibility....

Fatou Bensouda’s name has been added to the list of sanctioned individuals, the U.S. Treasury Department noted in a Wednesday release. [PHOTO | COURTESY OF ICC]
US imposes sanctions on ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

By | 3 years ago

Bensouda had angered the Trump administration by opening an investigation into crimes allegedly committed by American soldiers in Afghanistan....

CBK, however, says that the transfer of money from mobile wallets to bank accounts will continue to be free of any movement fees. [PHOTO | FILE]
How to clean off the many germs on your phone

By | 4 years ago

Scientific studies have shown that coronavirus can live for two to three days on materials like plastic and stainless steel....

It may also be harder for viruses to survive on food itself. [PHOTO | FILE]
Why health experts aren’t warning about coronavirus in food

By | 4 years ago

Experts say the biggest risk related to food and COVID-19 is contact with other people and workers in food stores....

Witness: People in the crowd "could see those with cards getting food and this caused the stampede as they tried to force their way in”. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
Revealed: What exactly led to the Kibra food chaos

By | 4 years ago

The scene in Kenya's largest slum reflected the fears of millions across Africa as nearly 20 countries have imposed full lockdowns....

A potential U.S. lawsuit against China for coronavirus damages could be worth $1.2 trillion (Ksh127 trillion). [PHOTO | FILE]
Americans join coronavirus lawsuit to make China pay

By | 4 years ago

A potential U.S. lawsuit against China for coronavirus damages could be worth $1.2 trillion (Ksh127 trillion)....

The HPV virus can lead to cancer in both men and women. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
HPV strikes men as well as women: Its dangers

By | 4 years ago

The HPV virus can lead to cancer in both men and women. ...

9 things to know about Trump impeachment controversy

By | 4 years ago

United States (US) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced a “formal impeachment inquiry” into President Donald Trump, escalating a long-r...

US President Donald Trump
I did nothing wrong in call with Ukraine leader, Trump insists

By | 4 years ago

U.S. President Donald Trump admitted talking about corruption with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, but stopped short of saying they tal...

African Union Envoy: Sudanese Finalize Power-Sharing Deal

By | 5 years ago

The AU envoy to Sudan said Saturday the pro-democracy movement and the ruling military council have finalized a power-sharing agreement....

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