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BWIRE: Milestone as education experts in 13 countries agree on tool to assess learners

By | 6 months ago

ICAN is an open-source, robust and easy-to-use assessment tool, available in 11 languages, that offers international comparability of results aligned ...

media journalists
BWIRE: As we mark press freedom, let media take back its voice without fear or favour

By | 9 months ago

Media must work to build trust with the citizens through providing critical, factual and topical news, without seeking favors or fearing. ...

Mutahi Kagwe
BWIRE: Bwana Kagwe and team, keep doing the good job we’re behind you

By | 9 months ago

As the infections start spreading in communities, the people need education, protection and activation of social intelligence networks...

media journalists
BWIRE: Journalists must live the talk on their safety as they cover COVID-19 crisis

By | 9 months ago

Appearing on TV with those PPEs suspended or hanging on your chins is doing huge damage to the public campaign....

media journalists
BWIRE: Why Govt must consider bailout for media in face of Covid-19

By | 10 months ago

Govt must extend financial support to the media and also consider tax rebates on printing and broadcasting materials as well as clearing outstanding d...

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