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Kikuyu Constituency
Victims of poisonous relief food at Gikambura, Kikuyu speak out: PHOTOS

By | 4 years ago

Kikuyu residents say that three men and a woman, who were driving in a white SUV car, responsible for distributing poisonous relief food....

poisonous food relief
Ruto says political thugs behind the distribution of poisonous food in Kikuyu

By | 4 years ago

Ruto Foundation says it only delivers relief packages through formal and known networks such as churches, mosques and local leaders....

Kimani Ichung'wah
Kimani Ichung’wah distances himself, Ruto from relief food that made people sick

By | 4 years ago

Kikuyu MP claims that donated foodstuffs that made some families ill were distributed by malicious people out to paint him, Ruto in bad light....

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