Humphrey Kariuki - City Businessman
DPP appeals against Humphrey Kariuki acquittal in tax evasion case

By | 4 months ago

DPP says magistrate misdirected himself in matters of law by acquitting the suspects whilst his office still had a witness ready to testify....

Noordin Haji.
Activist Omtatah sues DPP Haji, wants him fired

By | 7 months ago

Activist Okiya Omtatah files case to have DPP declaired unfit to hold public officer over plea bargain deals with banks....

Chris Obure
Why Chris Obure must be charged with murder despite Bodo CCTV recording: DPP

By | 7 months ago

Office of Director of Public Prosecutions fights Chris Obure's application to quash murder charge over death of Kevin Omwenga....

Police impostor Joshua Waiganjo. [PHOTO | FILE]
Haji appeals acquittal of police impostor Joshua Waiganjo

By | 10 months ago

Waiganjo was acquitted of impersonating a senior police officer on May 8, 2020, by a Nakuru court on account of insufficient evidence....

Assa Nyakundi
No murder charge for Assa Nyakundi as court refuses to drop manslaughter case

By | 11 months ago

DPP wants to charge lawyer with capital offence of murder but the Magistrate's Court has discontinue manslaughter charge....

Kinoti and Haji
Stand-off as prosecutor refuses to approve charges against NWHSA boss Sang

By | 12 months ago

Prosecutor refuses to approve DCI charge sheets and directs that the original police file be taken to DPP Noordin Haji’s office. ...

Daniel Manduku
Manduku walks free as DPP, DCI offices clash in court

By | 1 year ago

DPP, DCI squabbles emerged on Tuesday during the aborted arraigment of KPA boss Daniel Manduku when officers differed over charges....

Sarah Wairimu
Sarah Wairimu now wants Kinoti to release her Porsche Cayenne

By | 1 year ago

Sarah Wairimu, who was charged with murdering her rich husband, Tob Cohen, wants the DCI to release are luxury car, home keys and two dogs....

Kinoti and Haji
Why Haji, Kinoti ‘bromance’ is no longer there

By | 1 year ago

Sources in the criminal justice system says bromance between Haji and Kinoti has cooled off because of blame-games between their offices....

Echesa was arrested at his Nairobi home Thursday over what DCI officers -- who spoke to K24 Digital in confidence -- term as suspected fraud. [PHOTO | FILE]
DPP ambushed us, Rashid Echesa’s lawyer tells court

By | 1 year ago

Rashid Echesa's lawyer says that his client was set to appear before JKIA court for mention of another case against him when DPP ambushed them....

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