‘We are comfortable with our look-and-feel’, Arimis asserts after viral design suggestion

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 17:12 | < 1 min read
A photo grid of the newly rebranded Arimis. PHOTO/COURTESY

The manufacturers of Arimis, a popular milking jelly have made it clear that they are comfortable with their look and have distanced themselves from a suggestion that went viral online.

In a statement, the management reiterated that they are not rebranding and that the new viral look circulating around social media was just someone’s suggestion.

“To all our esteemed customers and users of our products, we are not rebranding, the circulating brand is just someone’s suggestion. We stick to our initial brands! Otherwise, enjoy the greatness of your skincare,” part of the statement read.

The new suggestion by a netizen who applied a navy blue and yellow colour theme sparked mixed reactions.

“I did the unthinkable, I decided to rebrand your favourite brand as a slightly premium product. This is a passion project, I hope you like it,” the netizen tweeted.

However, Kenyans online were not impressed with the new package, apparently because they are attached to the original one which many Kenyans identify with and has an image of a Friesian cow inscribed.

For the past three decades, the milking jelly has been a common product in thousands of households in Kenya.

Despite being manufactured and intended for the dairy industry, the brand found a greater purpose with Kenyans using it with all means from moisturising their skin or applying on dry lips or wounds amongst many more.

Furthermore, Arimis can be used to prevent diaper rash on infants.

The milking jelly has become a necessity for many households in the country.

The word Arimi loosely means a farmer in the local Meru and Kikuyu dialects.