Villagers report Chief to seniors for not wearing uniform after stopping alcohol sale at funeral

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 12 Jun, 2021 17:45 | 2 mins read
Mabonde chief Judith Kundu during the funeral at Kalewa Farm in Trans Nzoia county. Photo/PD

A chief in Trans Nzoia County has called out locals for bad behavior and petty politics after villagers reported her to her seniors for not wearing uniform while on duty.

Mabonde location Chief Judith Kundu castigated locals terming the move of informing on her as witch hunting.

Speaking at a funeral in Kaliwa, Kundu said one of the at the mourners whom she had declined permission to sell alcohol phoned her seniors informing them that she was attending the said funeral in civilian clothes.

“I I want to tell you that as Mabonde locals use your smart phones well. You approached me wanting to sell alcohol at a funeral.

"I declined your proposal. You go ahead and report me to my seniors. Is it the way you want us to work?” Kundu lamented.

She also noted the area was notorious for alcohol brewing with majority of youth indulging in the business either as consumers or brewers.

“I know what is going around here and you want to continue with your business with impunity and this is what I will not condone,” the administrator reiterated.

Kundu further revealed that local brewers want to control the streets of the location.

“I wont to allow brewers to control how we conduct business in this area especially with the impunity they are trying to pass across."

"The government policy is zero tolerance to alcohol sale and brewing and that is what I will implement to the latter.” Added kundu.

Her sentiments were echoed by local leaders led by stopping alcohol sale at funeralwho said it was an unbecoming behavior for the culprit who sent the clip of Kundu to her seniors.

"Madam chief has respected us and given us time to mourn the late so I do not see why someone should photograph her and send it to her seniors," the MCA said.

The administrator was forced to retreat to her house to don her uniform before returning to the funeral which proceeded as planned.