Twitter explodes as Kenyans blast former MP John Serut’s daughter for seeking financial help

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 14 Oct, 2021 15:22 | 2 mins read

Kenyans have told off the daughter of former Mt. Elgon Member of Parliament John Serut for asking for financial help.

The daughter identified as Chemoss on Twitter asked Kenyans to help her family foot medical bills for the ailing former lawmaker.

She revealed that her father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma - a type of blood cancer affecting multiple body organs - in January last year and his medical bills have risen to about ksh20 million. She, therefore, asked Kenyans to come to their rescue after Serut's medical insurance cover was exhausted.

"Hey guys, so a lot of you don’t know me but I’m here requesting your help today. My father’s name is John Serut and he’s been unwell for a while now. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January of 2020. Since then, we’ve had medical bills totalling about 20 million," she wrote on her Twitter handle.

" So far, we’ve handled this as a family but we’re now reaching out to you for help," she added.

Her plea was however met with rude shock as Kenyans accused the former MP of alleged awful doings during his reign as Mt. Elgon's MP.

Some Kenyans on Twitter accused Serut of organizing and creating a humanitarian crisis in the region and its environs.

A Twitter user claimed that Serut was responsible for the death of his brothers, cousins and her family's displacement from their home. The online user noted that instead of contributing money for his medication, he would 'show him her middle figure'.

"I really hate to be insensitive about this but it crossed my TL and the name John Serut has brought a lot of dark memories in my life and I wish I could see your dad and show him the middle finger," a Twitter user identified as I am Her said.

"In 2007 This John Serut killed 2 uncles of mine and 3 cousins because they refused to join his "group" of youths called "janjawit" whom he wanted to recruit for his own malicious reasons He took them huko forest and slit their throats in cold blood akipea vijana wa watu kiapo," the user added.

Others claimed Serut's illness was just a punishment for the crime he committed while still in power.

The comments follow accusations that Serut and his then political rival who is the current Mt. Elgon MP Fred Kapondi were allegedly the promoters of the land disputes that rocked the region.

Below are some other comments from KOT sampled by K24 Digital:

Jeilan Molu@JeilanMolu
: The conflict around Mt Elgon at that time was no different than the conflict around Laikipia. Big people in government grabbed Saboat ancestral lands hence the bloadbath. If the Saboat are to be condemned for that so should the MAU MAU.

MAJORITY LEADER@Davido_Lubi: I remember during that time I was in high school in St Anthony Sirisia its jst at the boundary ya mt elgon watu walikuwa wanakatwa hadi masikio pale cheptais slme of my classmates walikuwa hawaendi home kukifungwa,wanabaki shule tu juu home ni kubaya.

Kirgit™@KennChester: Mimi pesa natolea huyo Mzee ni ya mazishi and I will be there to.make sure kamezikwa. The things ametuonyesha...

Victor Akura@akurajr001: You and @MishSerut need to meet. This is no way to live your life and neither is it the best way for a daughter to learn of the life of a sick father in his sunset years. Poleni sana.